Junooniyatt 27th February 2023 Written Update: Ilahi’s desperate plea


Junooniyatt 27th February 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Ilahi returning home. She prays that Biji shouldn’t get angry with her because she returned home on time. She informs Biji that she has returned home early today. She appreciates Ilahi. Meanwhile, Jahan reaches the Dharmendar’s house. He meets Dharmender. He informs him that he contacted him about a room for rent. Dharmendar says to him that he talked with him. Jahan looks around the house and admires it. He recalls his mom’s words. Dharmendar says to him 10k for this room rent. Jahan tells him that he isn’t able to afford this. He is about to leave but notices the dried rose plant. He waters the plants and leaves from there.
The auto driver is about to hit Ilahi. She argues with him. She fails to meet Jahan. He walked away from there. Ilahi gives the snacks to Dharmendar and tells him that Biji gave them to him. He says to Ilahi that one guy came here searching for a room for rent. He was behaving weirdly. But he feels a good bond with him. He isn’t able to pay 10k rent. Ilahi advises him to give the room to him. At least he will get a friend to stay with him. He assures her and contacts Jahan. Jahan is happy to hear that Dharmendar is giving room for him.

Meanwhile, Mahi learns about the competition details. She wished to share the good news with Jordan. She is shocked to see his state. She gives him medicine. She motivated him to say that he was the best. He will definitely win this competition. Meanwhile, Ginni informs Biji that Ilahi’s alliance was fixed. Ilahi returns home and searches for Amardeep. She tells her that she bought this kurtha for Amardeep. He would wear it at his sister’s daughter’s wedding. Ginni asks her to make her dad understand. Ilahi learns that her alliance was fixed. She asks Biji. Doesn’t she like her? She needs time to get married. She didn’t want to get married early. She asks her to give ar least 3 years time to her.

If she gives three years’ time, then it feels like 3000 years for her. She says that she was fed up with this responsibility. She asks her to get ready for the wedding. Ilahi thinks that Biji is trying to get her married. She doesn’t want to get married this early. No one understands her junoon. She needs a chance to bring back her mom. She asks god to give a solution for her. She wants to find out whether she thinks right or not? She hears the harmonium sound. She recognises that harmonium sound she heard in college. Ilahi searches for the person who is playing it. She wishes to find him asap. Jahan took the competition advertisement notice. Ilahi fails to notice him. She thought that he was near her. This music is in her blood. It’s her junoon. She leaves from there. Jahan looks at her side. Power comes back.

Jahan makes a video call to his parents. Dolly tells him that she will talk with him. She talks with him. Jahan inquires her what she is doing in Gurudwara. She lies to him that they are missing him there, so they spend time there. He notices the suitcase. She manages to lie with him. It’s for donation. His parents tell him that they are missing him a lot. Jahan shows his new room to them. Meanwhile, Jordan thinks that Ilahi shouldn’t have been questioned about his junoon. Later, Amardeep shares his grief with Ilahi. He says that he dreamt a lot for his mom but she left him. He won’t let Ilahi’s dream break. She had to trust him. She shouldn’t distrust him like his mom, that he was good for nothing. He asks her to promise him.

Episode end

Precap; Ilahi will notice a guy in her house. She will lose her balance but Jahan holds her on time. She couldn’t see his face due to the veil. Later, Jordan will challenge his friend that Ilahi will become crazy about him. She won’t go behind anyone else. Meanwhile, Biji overheard Ilahi’s conversation with Husna.

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