Kaamna Upcoming Story: Sakshi will decide to step back.


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Sony TV’s popular show “Kaamna” currently deals with changing dynamics between Sakshi, Manav and Yadhu and Niharika’s return. Earlier its seen that Yadhu asked Sakshi to be his mother. Now it will be seen that Manav will confront Akanksha while Sakshi will pour her heart out to Malti.

Previously we have seen that, Manav was shocked with Holkar’s request and revealed that he was not ready for another marriage. He told that he felt the same about Niharika. Holkar doesn’t force him further and left the decision in his hands. Manav cheered up Sakshi and pulled her legs. Akanksha was about to go in auto when Leena spotted her. She mocked Akanksha and left taunting her. Akanksha went to meet Vaibhav and Rane let her in. She found out that Vaibhav was lying to her to avoid her call and laded out at him.

Niharika called Vaibhav and insulted him but Vaibhav was sure that he would easily take down Niharika. Yadhu played a game with Sakshi and asked whether she would be his mother. Sakshi was not sure about the future but assured him that he can call her his mother. Akanksha witnesses it all from window and fumed.

She swore herself to not let Sakshi steal her son. She was completely broken when Vaibhav again avoided her. Hotel manager kept calling Akanksha to pay the bill to continue her stay. Akanksha took her bracelet and gave it to Manager but they doesn’t accept it. Akanksha felt helpless. Sakshi got jealous when she saw Manav aiding to Niharika who got hurt by mistake.

In the future episodes we will witness, Akanksha will fight with Manav while Manav will mock her for not making relations without benefits. Sakshi will cry and say Malti that she won’t marry Manav unless and until he comes to her opening up his feelings for her.

Will Niharika fall for Manav ? Will Manav and Sakshi get married? What will happen to Akanksha?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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