Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Upcoming Story: Anju to get shocked by Dia’s decision!


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The gripping storyline of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar, filled with twist and plots; makes it engaging to the audiences. Previously, Armaan and Dia had a major confrontation. Armaan denied to support Dia’s decision of risking her life for Brij’s treatment. Whereas, Sudha got concerned and questioned Armaan about the matter.

In the current track, Armaan lies to Sudha and hides the truth from her. He assures that everything is fine in between Dia and him. She gets relieved but suddenly suffers a stomach ache. He gets tensed seeing her state and starts panicking. He calls the house members, while everyone gives some or the other medicine to treat Sudha. Finally, she gets relief after drinking lemonade.

Here, Sudha showers Armaan with love for his care towards her. He then realises about his mistake of not supporting Dia, as how she must be feeling after seeing her father suffering from cancer. He determines himself to take a stand for her.

Sudha smiles thinking about Dia and Armaan’s baby and shares her happiness with Bhavna. Whereas, the latter ask Sudha to pray that the child gets Armaan’s genes instead of Dia.

Ahead, Armaan regrets his argument with Dia and apologises to her. She shares her pain with him, while he promises to always support her decision. She even declares to tell the truth to Sudha before going for the surgery.

Saloni gets inside Armaan’s room and stalks him. She starts behaving weirdly and imagines herself with Armaan, as his wife. She sees herself in Dia’s clothes and feels contented.

Later, Anju confronts Dia about her decision and tries to stop her. She reminds Dia about the complications, but the latter stays firm on her decision. Dia prohibits Anju from telling the truth to Brij, while the latter breaksdown and prays to god.

Now in the upcoming episode, Dia will tell Sudha that they aren’t planning a baby at the moment and notify her about the truth. She will state that her father is battling for his life and needs a bone marrow transplant.

She will apprise that her bone marrow matches him and tells that she won’t be able to conceive for atleast one to two years after the surgery. Whereas, Sudha will get furious and confronts Armaan for taking such huge decision without consulting her.

Will Dia be able to convince Sudha?

Will Brij be able to survive?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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