Kaamnaa 13th June 2022 Written Update: Holkar asks for Manav’s hand for Niharika.


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The episode starts with Sakshi encouraging an upset Holkar who’s worried about Niharika. He says it was just an excuse when he told that he wanted to come there for food. He says that he came there for peace as he can’t stop worrying about Niharika’s life and her future. Niharika comes there with children and Sakshi searches for Manav. Niharika says Sakshi that Manav went out for some work and will be there soon. She thanks Sakshi for taking care of the kids and says that she was there for them when their own mothers were not with them. Manav comes there with Malti surprising all.

Yadhu gets happy seeing her and asks Manav if she’s going to stay with them. Manav says yes and adds that from now on they all are going to stay together. Manav introduces Niharika to Malti who praises Ayesha to be a matured girl for her age. Niharika says to her that her daughter is no less who is handling everyone with such a care and concern. She showers praises on Sakshi and Sakshi asks her to stop over praising her. She takes Malti to set up her.

Manav stops Sakshi and asks why did she leave without informing at Holkar’s House. Sakshi tries making some excuse but Manav understands that she felt left out and says that they might be troop but she’s the head of the troop. He says that they were all able to find Niharika only because if her and asks her to never consider herself alone. Sakshi gets overwhelmed. Manav gifts Sakshi and asks her to open it. Sakshi opens it to find a music box and likes it a lot. She thanks Manav and Manav leaves. Sakshi says to herself the Manav is the rhythm of her life and gets shocked with what she thought.

Manav comes to Malti to help her lift a bag. She blesses Manav and Manav asks her to continue showering her blesses on him all his life and he would succeeds anything. He says that he blackmailed her to come to the house but asks her to shop worrying about Sakshi. He says that hereafter both she and Sakshi are her responsibility and he will do anything for them. Malti gets happy and blesses him with teary eyes. Manav says he hates tears. Sakshi witness it all.

Malti says that she knew that she now loves Manav as she can see it in his eyes. Sakshi blushes and agrees to it and Malti prays to see them get together as a family. Sakshi asks Niharika to get married again and Niharika jokes with her. She says that she lost seven years of her life in prison and she felt suffocated all because of her love. She says she’s happy with her life now and wants to concentrate in her business. She says that they are her family and Ayesha also says that Manav treats her like his daughter and Yadhu calls her Didi. Sakshi again gets upset.

Ayesha gets Malti’s call who discuss about Sakshi and Manav’s relationship. They again start their planning but decides to not mess it like last time. They first decide to make Sakshi agree to their wish. Akanksha calls Vaibhav but he cuts the call. Vaibhav picks it when she calls again and says that he’s with Niharika. Akanksha gets frustrated and thinks that Manav was better who fulfilled all her wishes without her asking it. Manav notices Holkar having medicine and asks about it. Holkar says about his health condition which he hid from all and asks a favour from Manav. He says he’s resuming his medicine as he wants to live with his daughter. He asks for Manav’s hand for Niharika shocking Manav.

Precap : Yasgu, Ayesha and Sakshi will be playing a game where Yadhu gets blindfolded and touches Sakshi’s hand. He will identify her ad his mother and Sakshi gets emotional. Yadhu will ask Sakshi whether she would become his mother and Akanksha will witness it all.

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