Kaamnaa 15th June 2022 Written Update: Sakshi acknowledges her feelings for Manav.

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The episode starts with Manav says Niharika that human should rest at times and asks her to rest instead of trying to keep herself awake. Ayesha pleads Niharika to stay there at night as she wants to play with Yadhu. Manav also likes the idea and Niharika agrees. She leaves to sleep with Ayesha. Holkar and Manav are discussing when they hear Niharika scream in nightmare. Ayesha worries that she’s having a nightmare. Manav consoles Niharika and asks water from Sakshi. Sakshi brings the water and Manav asks Niharika to calm down as she’s now with her family. He brings Turmeric milk for her to drink and puts her to sleep. Holkar says Manav that he was worried for the same as Niharika may seem fine but she’s not from inside.

Sakshi comes upset to her room and Malti gets surprised seeing her behaviour. She asks what’s the matter when Sakshi says she doesn’t know why but she couldn’t see Manav with anyone. She says she is surprised with her own actions. Malti makes her understand that she’s in love with Manav and says it’s not wrong. Sakshi says Manav doesn’t have feelings for her and she couldn’t help but stare him time to time. She says she fell hopelessly in love with him. Malti asks her not to worry that Manav doesn’t love her now as he may love her after marriage. Sakshi says she don’t want to marry Manav without him realising his feelings and cries hugging Malti.

Vaibhav wakes up with a call and finds that he’s Dr. Khale. Khale pleads Vaibhav to save him as he managed to escape from where he was kept. He asks him to save him. Vaibhav taunts him for cheating on him and Khale says he was helpless. Vaibhav asks him to send him his location and he will think what he could do. Khale agrees and cuts the call. Vaibhav thinks that Khale is the main witness for his crimes and he needs to end him. He calls someone. Akanksha sells the bracelet and gets only a little money for her jewellery. She however leaves with it but someone steals the purse and takes the money from it and leaves the bag. Akanksha cries.

Vaibhav calls his men to check whether the job to kill Khale is done. Manav snatches his phone and mocks him for not ending his evil ways yet. He says that this time he’s going to jail for his actions. He calls Khale and Khale says about Vaibhav sending men to kill him. He says in order to save his life he complained Police. Police comes there and arrests Vaibhav and takes him away. Akanksha comes rushing to stop but in vain.

Akanksha says Manav that he must be very happy seeing her lose everything in her life. She says that it’s because of her be turned from a simple government employee to a successful businessman all thanks to her. Manav mocks her saying that all that she said is not true. He adds that his reason for his success is his son who he loves and cares a lot. He says that the real earning of his is his relations which she failed to earn. He says that his son is his biggest strength and Akanksha corrects him that he’s their son and he only have custody. She tries leaving and skids and is about to fall down but Manav holds her. Akanksha lashes out at him saying that she doesn’t need any help from him. Manav says he would have offered the same help to anyone and asks her to leave as now she has nothing of hers in the house anymore.

Yadhu calls Sakshi as Sakshi Maa continuously. He shouts Mumma when Sakshi asks him to not call her that as someone would hear it. Yadhu says that Manav is not at home but Sakshi says the servants in the house may hear it. Sakshi says that if Manav hears that he would get angry and Yadhu says he too wants the same so that he would soon agree for the relationship. Sakshi says that they can’t make relations forcefully and says that it should be formed naturally. She gets Niharika’s message to meet her in office and wonders the reason for it.

Precap : Yadhu will ask Manav that if he will marry his Sakshi Mam. Manav will say that his Sakshi mam is really good and whoever marries her will be the luckiest but he doesn’t have plans for second marriage. Yadhu will ask him to consider marrying Sakshi Mam.

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