Kaamnaa 20th July 2022 Written Update: Yadhu’s behaviour worries Sakshi and Manav.


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The episode starts with Manav waiting for Yadhu’s reply. Sakshi suggests him to call Akanksha to ask about Yadhu. Manav does as she says. Akanksha picks the call and pretends to be very sick. Manav asks about it but Akanksha asks him not to worry and asks why did he call. Manav asks her to send Yadhu early the next day as they are throwing party for him. Akanksha pretends like she doesn’t know whether Yadhu is present there or not and emotionally blackmails him to keep everyone from their family away from her and cuts the call pretending to cry.

 Manav feels weird with the way she talks while Sakshi says she must have changed for good after experiencing near death experience. Akanksha comes out to find Swati and Yadhu sleeping and knowingly drops the class and pretends to fall down. They both rush to help her waking up by the sound. She asks Yadhu what he’s doing there at such time and Yadhu says he came to meet grandma.

Yadhu and Swati take her inside when Akanksha rushes to washroom pretending to vomit. Sakshi asks if she puked blood and Akanksha says that something seems to be wrong after the accident. She pretends to call the doctor as he’s the only one who can act according with her. She pretends like he just revealed to her about her disease and cries hard. Yadhu and Swati also cries with her.

 Manav keeps calling Yadhu but Yadhu cuts the call shouting at him. Akanksha enjoys it. Swati consoled Akanksha who pretends to be in great pain. Manav is sure that something is definitely wrong with Yadhu as he never behaves this way. Sakshi consoles him and asks him to give some time to Yadhu.

Malti shares with Sakshi about Yadhu’s weird behavior and feels that he’s again getting emotionally attached with Akanksha. Sakshi says though Akanksha is not a good mother they can’t deny the fact that she’s Yadhu’s mother. She says as a counsellor she believes the change in Yadhu is due to the accident. Malti agrees and leaves but Sakshi is confused herself. Akanksha makes Yadhu sit with her.

She asks Why’s he behaving good with her when he even stopped calling her mother. She locks herself in room and pretends like no one is there for her. She is playing games in phone while speaking emotionally. She asks him to stay away from his bad mother. Swati pleads her to open the door. Yadhu finally calls her mother and calls her out saying that he loves her. Manav recalled the accident day and doubted about the sequence of events.

 Sakshi says that he’s over thinking it but Manav says his gut feeling keep saying that something is definitely weird with the way Vaibhav and Akanksha changed for good all of a sudden. Sakshi asks him to believe that both Vaibhav and Akanksha left their life and asks him not to worry. Akanksha hugs Yadhu.

Precap : Yadhu will come back home and Manav will happily greet him. He will get shocked seeing Akanksha with bags and Yadhu will say that Akanksha will stay with them for few days.

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