Kaamnaa 28th February 2022 Written Update: Ayesha argues with the Principal.


Kaamnaa 28th February 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Manav buying pizza for Yadhu. Yadhu is playing video games and Manav scolds him for playing violent games. Yadhu misses his mother and asks for a forgetting medicine to forget Akanksha. Akanksha and Yadhu are happily watching Sakshi’s suffering and Vaibhav says that now they can have their own life with themselves and her Yadhu. He gets romantic with her. Manav have a dream where he finds Akanksha dressed as a newly wedded bride. He finds Vaibhav with her and Vaibhav mocks him for taking away his wife and warns that he will soon take away his son too. He calls him impotent. Vaibhav and Akanksha gets intimate. Manav wakes up from his dream and he feels something bad is happening. Sakshi is waiting outside the hospital where her mother in law is admitted. Akanksha gives her consent to get physical with Vaibhav and they both consummate.

Sakshi gets tortured by Quarters head to vacate immediately. Sakshi asks them to behave human as her mother in law is still admitted in hospital. Yadhu comes to school and Sakshi not present there. Ayesha calls him for a selfie with her new mobile but Yadhu is upset. He asks her to stay away from him as anyone who comes closer to him leaves him and she would too. Ayesha scolds him and asks about Sakshi. Yadhu says that they didn’t have any party last night and she too hates him which is why she didn’t meet him. Ayesha refuses to believe him. They both leave to find Sakshi. Sakshi is vacating the house when Ayesha and Yadhu comes there. They asks where she’s going and Sakshi says about her termination and forced to vacate the house. Ayesha asks how’s it possible and asks her to wait while she’ll be back. Yadhu gives gift to Sakshi and Sakshi applies him lip balm.

Ayesha comes to Principal and questions her the reason for terminating Sakshi. Principal warns her for her tone and Ayesha apologizes. Principal says that it’s Mr. Volkar who signed her termination and asks her to question him. Ayesha is about to call her grandfather when Principal scolds her for using mobile. Ayesha leaves saying that she’ll soon get call from her grandfather and leaves with Yadhu. Staffs find Vaibhav happy and teases about last night. Akanksha comes there and wishes Vaibhav. Vaibhav teases her for last night. Vaibhav says about Sakshi leaving her house today. Akanksha gets extremely happy. He asks Where’s she going and Akanksha says she’s going to meet Yadhu. She says that now she’s sure that he will definitely make her Yadhu’s guardian and soon they can live together happily. She leaves and Vaibhav says that he hates kids and with lots of difficulties he had kept Niharika’s kid away from him. He thinks of a solution for Yadhu too.

Precap : Akanksha will mock Sakshi and will give money to her to insult her. Akanksha will say Manav that just like Vaibhav terminated Sakshi, he will soon get Yadhu to her too. She will challenge him to stop if he could.

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