Kaamnaa 28th July 2022 Written Update: Akanksha pleads Manav to marry her.


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The episode starts with Manav thinking about Akanksha and their moments together. Akanksha gets happy as things are going as per her plan. Akanksha comes to Manav who shares with her about how everything happens out of his control and he couldn’t do anything about it. Malti says Manav that it’s Akanksha’s last wish to get him married to Sakshi but Manav says that he’s not in the right mood to get married right now.

Akanksha forces him to agree for her marriage for her wish. Swati also asks Manav to agree as its Akanksha’s last wish to see him and Yadhu in safe hands of Sakshi. Akanksha is angry that his own people want bad for her and wants to hook Manav with Sakshi. Yadhu says the same to Manav and he finally agrees. Malti says they would celebrate mehendi function the next day and everyone agrees.

Next day, Sakshi’s mehendi function takes place and Akanksha fumes that the marriage is still happening. Manav comes there and Akanksha teases him saying that Sakshi is looking very pretty. Manav agrees with her and Akanksha calls him lucky to have Sakshi. Mehendi artist comes to apply mehendi to Sakshi but Akanksha says that she wishes to do Sakshi’s mehendi. Sakshi says she’s most welcome and she’s blessed to get her mehendi on her hands. Akanksha picks the mehendi but soon drops it and starts crying.

Everyone asks what happened and Akanksha says she couldn’t tolerate it to. She asks why didn’t any of her wishes came true. She cries saying that she never got any thing all the girls had from mehendi to kanyadaan. She asks Manav if he could fulfil her final wish and Manav asks her to say. She says that she wants to get married to him shocking everyone. She says that she wants to die as his wife and Yadhu’s mother for few days. Yadhu shouts that it’s not possible as she came there to participate in their happiness and not become the bride. Yadhu runs away to his despite Akanksha’s pleas.

Akanksha asks Manav to make Yadhu understand but Manav says Yadhu is right. He says that it’s not possible as he and Sakshi promised each other to always stay together and he can’t break it just for her wish. Akanksha asks him to recall all their moments together and says she loved him truly. Manav pleads her to stop it. No one stands by her side including Swati. Akanksha tries manipulating Sakshi but she too didn’t give in. Akanksha continued pleading saying that she don’t want to die as a bad woman but Manav paid no h

eed and left despite her numerous pleas. Swati pleads the guests to leave having food. One guest comments that mehendi celebration is spoiled. Akanksha says it’s not and tries to apply mehendi on Sakshi’s hand but Sakshi pulls it back. Akanksha pretends to faint and Sakshi tries holding her but Akanksha says she don’t want her help.

Precap : Sakshi will ask Manav that if they can live happily getting married by not fulfilling Akanksha’s last wish. Akanksha will be dressed up as bride and Yadhu will get stuck in fire. Both Sakshi and Akanksha will get panicked for Yadhu.

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