Kaamnaa 29th November 2021 Written Update: Akanksha cries recalling her past.


Kaamnaa 29th November 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Vaibhav asking Manav the reason for snatching what he found. Manav says it belongs to him. Vaibhav asks if he can see it once. Manav gives it to him and Vaibhav recalls that it resembles Akanksha’s. Vaibhav asks if he can keep it. Manav says its too personal for him as it belongs to his wife. Vaibhav says it must have some value and asks for it so that he can pay it. Manav says that he was wrong as he is someone who keeps value for things. He snatches it back and leaves. Manav’s boss and Jaiswal greets him and Vaibhav asks for the officer. They point Manav to be the one shocking Vaibhav. Vaibhav waits for him while Jaiswal and his boss asks Manav to meet with him. Amita comes to Manav and asks about Akanksha. Manav gives Akanksha’s ear ring to her to pass it to Akanksha and Vaibhav watches it from far. He thought that she was his wife and got relieved as he disliked Manav already.

Yadhu pleads with Akanksha to play with Vinay more. Door bell rings and Akanksha opens it to find Amita. Amita gives her purse and ear ring to her. Akanksha gets it from her and closes the door. Amita finds it weird. Akanksha sends Yadhu inside and breaks down. She recalls when she participated in the contest. She was the finalist with Ankita. She was asked question about the influential person she would like to meet. Akanksha says that she would like to meet some rich influential guy who treats her like Queen and gives her a luxurious life. No one was happy with her answer except her father who claps for her. Her competent Ankita said it’s her mother who is most influential. Judge didn’t like Akanksha attitude but the award was given to her as her father bought it. Akanksha cries recalling her past.

Manav meets with Vaibhav when Vaibhav asks him to sign his file. The officer and Jaiswal praise Kapoor to Manav. The officer asks Jaiswal to bring the file from office so that Manav can sign it. Manav stops him and says it’s Sunday and he can’t work on Sunday. He leaves saying that his wife is waiting for him. Manav gets angry whole Jaiswal says it’s just a trick to increase the bribe amount. Vaibhav shuts him and says that it’s going to be difficult to convince him. Manav comes home and says Yadhu that they are visiting museum today. Yadhu gets happy. Vaibhav speaks with Akanksha’s picture and is glad that she’s not Manav’s wife. He thinks for her name and names her aa his desire “Kaamna”.

Devika visits Vaibhav and asks why he’s avoiding her. Vaibhav says they did fight in restaurant. Devika says fight happens in every relaying but it doesn’t mean they broke up. He takes her in. Manav asks Akanksha if she was upset but Akanksha says no. He asks why didn’t she say to him about winning beauty pageant Akanksha says it’s not a big thing but Manav says everything related to her is big thing for him. He wishes to celebrate it but Akanksha stops him.

Precap : Akanksha will be upset despite Manav’s efforts to lift her mood. Manav’s Boss will take him to Kapoor’s house to meet with Vaibhav.

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