Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 10th March 2022 Written Update: Gungun advices Goli


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The episode starts with Gungun shows the video of Goli to everyone and tells that she is fine. Anubhav says that Gungun needs a service for her magic. Gungun asks Anubhav to stop talking nonsense and says that he needs to stop making fun of one who helping. Anubhav tells Gungun that she is not helping but trying to help him. Gungun glares at him. She then knocks the door and asks Goli to open the door. She tries to open the door by hitting then acts that she is in pain. Goli asks Gungun to leave otherwise she will get hurt. Gungun refuses to leave and tells Goli if she dont open the door then she will break it. Anubhav tells Golu that it’s his idea to break the door. Golu tells Anubhav that he had only told them his idea. Amit tells that Gungun is threatening Goli to make her come out of the room. Goli once again asks Gungun to not to hurt herself by trying to open the door. Gungun refuses and blackmails Goli Goli saying she wont care even if it meant hurting herself inorder to open the door.

Anubhav tells Golu and his gang that Gungun is blackmailing Goli. Amit tells that in this house blackmail is the one thing which work on their favor. Kushi glares at him so Amit tells that’s what Yug also told so Kushi gets convinced. Gungun hits her body with the door and acts like she got hurt. Goli worries and comes out of the room. Everyone hides themselves. Goli asks Gungun is she tricked her. Gungun tells that she dont have any other option to make her open the door and enters her room. Goli follows. Golu praises Gungun which annoys Anubhav. Neeti acts and says that Goli likes Gungun more than her then when Yug tells that Goli loves everyone equally Neeti tells that she is must joking. Amit asks Neeti who does joking while crying but Neeti ignores him. They all look at Goli and Gungun. Gungun asks Goli to tell her who hurt her. Yug tells Golu that Gungun is calling Pradyush by names not Chandru.

Goli tells Gungun that some outsider hurt her. Gungun asks Goli to let the outsider be outsider and not to let them affect their life. Goli tells there will be some people when they meet them they will not only carry their shadow but also the hurt they have given to others proudly. Gungun tells Goli that she can able to understand her pain. Even her mother is attending her wedding. Neither she can stop her from being part of her wedding nor she can stop her from being part of her every rituals. Goli wipes the tears from Gungun’s face. Gungun tells Goli that they need to ignore those people like a annoying bell men who annoys them. It will be their biggest punishment of their life for what they did to them. She also tells that she decide to not to open her heart for them ever also asks Goli to do the same. Goli calms down. Golu and gang gets happy.

Gungun tells Goli if she dont come out of the house then she will cancel the wedding. Goli scolds her for talking like this and tells there was one marriage get cancelled before but she won’t let that happen again. She then asks Gungun about the marriage preparation. Gungun tells that she didnt start studying so that as per her deal with Ridesh after a year she can able to divorce Anubhav shocking Goli also Golu and gang. Anubhav complaints to Golu that Gungun telling this casually to everyone is not going to end in a right way. Goli asks Gungun why she made such deal also asks her not to talk about divorce even before marriage. Gungun tells that she don’t like Anubhav. She also tells that she thought she can use this oppurtunity in which Goli is upset with everyone to use one her own to cancel the wedding. Goli tells that she wont let anything such happen. Gungun asks Goli to come out of the room and meet her family. Goli agrees.

They both comes out of the room. Goli gets shocked seeing Golu and his gang. Neeti tells that they were worried about her that’s why they called Gungun. Anubhav tells Goli that its not fair that she opened the door for an outsider. Golu and Goli scolds Anubhav and calls Gungun as their house Laxmi. Anubhav decides to go to his institute. In the institute Anubhav tells his juniors to do their part of the work properly because he will be in leave and they need to complete their project on time. He also tells that he will do his work being in the house itswlde. One of the junior tells Anubhav that she dont think its possible for them to finish their project because Akruti is going on a leave for two weeks. Anubhav gets shocked. Akruti tells Anubhav that she asked permission from the dean. She then starts taunting Anubhav so Anubhav asks her to not to cross the line. The junior supports Anubhav. Anubhav asks others to leave. He then tells Akruti that he knows she domt like Gungun but he already told her that he dont want to mix his personal and professional life and leaves the place.

Akruti follows Anubhav and stops him. She asks what she can able to do that it get personal in her professional front. She further tells that she loves him shocking Anubhav. She also tells that she is not having problem with Gungun she has problem Anubhavis getting married and she failed to confess her feelings towards him. Anubhav tellsthat he isn’t aware about her feelings. Akruti tells that he is not even aware about his feelings for her and starts saying how he treats her specially compared to others. Anubhav tells Akruti that he treats everyone equally also he cares for everyone who works for him also works with him. Akruti starts telling Anubhav how she saw him the very first day then thought she will never met him but fate brought them together and she started working under him..first she thought it’s an attraction but after spending time with him she realised its love.

Anubhav tells Akruti that he is getting married in a week that too arrange marriage because he dont love anyone. Akruti tells Anubhav it’s a forced marriage and suggests after a Year he divorce Gungun they can marry shocking Anubhav. Anubhav asks Akruti is she lost her mind and decides to leave the place. Akruti falls unconscious..Anubhav and others help her. Anubhav learns Akruti is not having proper food for the last few days from his junior. Akruti wakes up. Anubhav tells that she need to consult the doctor because there is so much going on in her head. He then leaves the place thinking that he never thought Akruti has feeling for him which is affecting her life career and mental health. Akruti looks at him sadly.

Precap: Golu and gang comes to the bachelorette party of Gungun. Gungun dances with her boyfriend. She then comes to them and taunts Anubhav Anubhav saying she thought he wont come in fear of meeting her boyfriend. Anubhav tells Gungun that he is here to prove her that he isn’t scared of her boyfriend. Gungun introduces Golu and gang to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend mocks Anubhav. Gungun glares at her boyfriend.

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