Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 15th January 2022 Written Update: Gungun gets upset when Anubhav’s family asks about her mom


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The episode starts with Sunanda saying that she will scold Anu. Golu says to Needi and Yug first war then first love. As Gungun refuses to eat saying she’s in diet, family insists her to have food. Gungun says that Garima feeds her whenever liquid dishes are made since she has habit of pouring it over her dress and also now she has done her manicure. She asks who will feed her food here.

Later, Sargam feeds food to Gungun. The latter sats that she agreed to eat since they didn’t support Anu. Needi says that Gungun is very sweet and talks very sweetly with everyone, who can say she is rude. Gungun says no one except Anu. Gungun shouts as she ate chilli. Family cares and gives her makan mishri. Gungun likes it. She asks when Gungun will return. Chandru says that he will come late and ask her to eat slowly. Gungun says that she has to leave so that Ridhesh can come and invite them to her birthday party.

Sunanda asks Gungun about her family members. Gungun says about Ridhesh, Garima and the servants. Goli asks Gungun where is her mom lives. Gungun stops talking. Chandru and Sunanda discuss that it seems Gungun gets upset. Saragam asks Gungun to leave it and have food. Gungun angrily says that her mom is in USA, she is a doctor. Goli says that they can’t take her mother’s place, but she can come here whenever she feels lonely. Golu says that she doesn’t need to leave. Gungun says that she doesn’t want to talk about it and if they want to talk about it, she won’t come here.

Sunanda says that no one will talk about it and asks if she will come again to which Gungun says she will surely. Gungun hugs Sargam. She says that she is very nice and she liked the kofta as Sargam made it and fed her. Gungun asks how Anu can be her son. Gungun yawns. Chandru asks if she is sleeping. Gungun says that’s why she doesn’t eat rice, she sleeps and gets dreans of mom… Gungun says that no one should react over this. They all agree. They ask Gungun to sleep. Gungun asks to wake her up in half an hour. They agree. Needhi takes her upstairs to a room and puts her to sleep.

Golu, Yug and Needi talk about Gungun. Golu says that Anu should not get to know that Gungun is sleeping on his bed. Yug and Golu laugh. Needi asks why they both are happy with Gungun and Anu’s fighting. Golu says that they’re trying to start a something something between them. Anu comes back home and wonders who has closed his room’s door. Gungun finds someone sleeping and thinks that it’s Chavi. He asks her to wake up. Golu, Yug and Needi watch them standing at Anu’s room’s doorstep. Anu removes the blanket and gets shocked finding Gungun. The latter wakes up.

Anu asks what she is doing in his room. Gungun gets shocked knowing that he is room. She asks her to question his family who asked her to sleep. Anu asks who put her to sleep here. Gungun recalls everyone’s name and says Preeti. Anu says that there’s no any Preeti in his family. Anu and Gungun get into an argument. Needi asks if they should intervene. Golu says that it’s just the beginning of their love story. Anu says Gungun to get out. Golu, Yug and Needi come and ask Gungun if she slept well, got dreams.

Gungun says that she got a nightmare looking at Anu. The latter asks his family why they put Gungun sleep in his room. Needi says that Anu wasn’t in the room, so she brought her here. Gungun narrates what happened. Anu complaints that Gungun spoiled his bedsheet. Gungun argues with Anu for removing the blanket.

The episode ends.

Precap: Golu and Anu come at Gungun’s party to take Chavi home. Gungun refuses to send Chavi before her cake cutting. Anu and Gungun argue. Needi convinces Anu to apologize to Gungun. Anu obliges.

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