Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 21st March 2022 Written Update: Maya sings lullaby for Gungun


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The episode starts with Golii is on her way to temple but sees Pradyush. Pradyush follows her and asks her to listen to him. Goli asks her not to make fun anything. Pradyush pleads Goli to listen to him once. Goli tells that the time is already over so she dont want anything to hear from him. Pradyush pleads and Goli gives in. Pradyush tells Goli that he may have left her but the memories they created together which is in his mind all this while. He still remembers her favorite song too.

Goli tells that she stopped listening to songs. She then asks him to talk about him only. She also asks him to have shame for bringing up their past even after he got married and having a daughter. Pradyush tells Goli that he is here to talk about them only and he dont have any shame talking about their past. He also adds that all these years not even a single day went without him remembering about the time he spent with Goli. Goli asks Pradyush if that so then what about the betrayal he done to her and family. Pradyush tells that he do remember that and he is ashamed about his behavior.

Goli tells Pradyush that he gave her a severe pain by betraying her like that. Her family members are reputed one also a sensible one that’s why they spared him for what he did to her all this while but it doesn’t mean he can come to her or follow her to talk to her in middle of nowhere and says she dont have any relationship with him so asks him to stop following him. Pradyush tells Goli that he knows she still loves him and that’s why she is angry at him for what he did to her. Goli asks how he is sure about that.

Pradyush tells her that she saw a tear in her eyes when she saw him. Its either out of hate because of the pain he made her go through or the love she still has for him. He thinks its the latter though. Goli tells Pradyush that she is angry and ashamed at herself for falling in love with someone like him nothing else.

Pradyush asks her then why she didn’t married anyone. Goli tells that he is the reason behind her to hate the love if someone wants to give her and that’s the very reason she decides not to marry anyone in this life time. She then warns Pradyush to not to follow her also not to come to her face except Anubhav’s Anubhav’s wedding day and leaves the place. Pradyush looks at Goli’s retreating back.

Gungun gets ready to go somewhere. Maya enters the room. Gungun gets upset seeing her. She decides to leave but Maya stops her and asks where is she going. Gungun asks her is she is her warden mother or anyone who cares about her. She is none of the above so she don’t think that she needs to tell her about her plans. Maya asks Gungun why she is talking to her this way and tells her that she is her mother and told this for thousand times why she dont understand this. Gungun shouts at Maya saying even she told her more than thousand times that she dont consider her as her mother.

Maya tells Gungun that she is not stopping her from going out and she don’t have problem going to a party she just wants to know her when she will return because she is worried about her safety. Gungun mocks and asks her where was this concern for the last twelve years. Maya gives her a pepper spray and asks her to keep it in her bag always which Gungun takes it. She also gives her a designer’s card and suggests Gungun do wedding shopping here but Gungun Gungun tells her that her shopping is almost over so she don’t want anything from her.

Gungun decides to leave but Maya sings a lullaby for her making Gungun emotional who stops in her tracks. Maya brings her to the bed and make her sit in it. She then asks her is she remember this lullaby. Gungun tells that do remember this. Whenever she heard it reminded her of her so with so much difficulty forget this lullaby and her altogether. Maya cries and tells Gungun that no one in this family understood her.

Gungun tells for that very reason she left her nine Year old daughter how could she justify her actions. Maya tells Gungun that she dont have any other option. She tells Gungun that she is a bad mother but she wants to change and asks Gungun to accept her as her mother for a day saying that she knows well that she won’t get her forgiveness. Gungun tells Maya that not even for a minute she will accept her as her mother. Maya asks her not to punish her like this. She also tells her give her permission do her wedding shopping. Gungun asks her why she is doing all this drama. She also reminds her how she humiliated the Kulshreshth’s for which she will never forgive her.

Maya tells Gungun that she wants her happiness. She acted that way only because shw thought that her happiness is at stake. If she can act that way towards the Kulshreshth’s for her happiness. She will apologises to them for her happiness to shocking Gungun.

Maya tells Gungun for the next seven birth she will pray God to give Gungun as her daughter to make everything good also the mother Gungun wants and leaves the place. Gungun looks confused. Garima and Ridesh overhears it. Garima goes to Maya’s room and asks her to have dinner but Maya refuses saying that she is going to punish her for her behavior towards Kulshreshth’s. She also tells Garima that she was worried about Gungun’s well being that’s why she acted that way. Is she is wrong..Garima tells Maya that her intentions are right but the way she told which is not right. She can apologises to Kulshreshth’s though.

Maya tells Garima that she wants to but both Ridesh and Gungun won’t believe it. Garima asks her not to worry saying she will talk to both of them and leaves the room. Maya wipes her tears and smiles. She then takes a chip and eats it. She tells that she wants Gungun back in her life for that she will do anything. Gungun may hate all she wants but she knows she is like her and that very thing is going to bring Gungun closer to her and smirks.

Precap: Maya apologizes to the Kulshreshth’s for her behavior the other day. She pleads them to forgive her thinking she is a mother who is concerned about her happiness. Anubhav and Amit tells that something is wrong. Golu and gang looks at Maya.

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