Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th February 2022 Written Update: Gungun stops Anubhav from leaving the house


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The episode starts with Golu tells Gungun that she can’t wear jeans in her wedding. Neeti tells Gungun that she wore saree for both sangeet and wedding. Gungun makes faces. Ankit assures Gungun that she will be comfortable wearing saree. Gungun asks Amit how he knows is he ever wore a saree. Amit says no. Gungun and Golu gang imagines Amit in a saree. They all laugh together. Golu suggests Amit to wear saree in a joking manner saying it will be suitable for him.

Neeti tells Gungun that it’s their culture to wear saree during wedding. Gungun asks Neeti why the rules are applied for girls but men have so much options. She further tells that she wish she can wear her night suit on her wedding which will be more comfortable than a saree which she had to take proper care of. Yug says that nowadays girls takes so much time to get ready even to go to a shopping but here Gungun is acting this way.

Gungun asks Neeti is she ever wore jeans. Neeti says no so Gungun tells her to wear it saying it will be more comfortable. Golu asks Gungun is there so much option in wester dresses. Gungun says yes and starts saying each ans every names. She further tells after she comes to the house she will make sure all the other women in this house wear western clothes. Golu Yug and Amit imagines Divya Neeti and Kushi in a western wear. Neeti asks them to come out of their imagination and asks them to think about the elder women in this family. Golu tells hearing this alone they will get a shock of their life.

Gungun tells that she will make eveyone wear western clothes be it elder or younger one. Again Golu and gang imagines Goli Sargam and Sunanda in a wester wear and asks Gungun to not to make them wear western clothes but Gungun refuses to listen to them. Chavi comes there with a plate full of samosas. Gungun tells the samosas have so much to calories so she cant have it but Golu asks her to have atleast one which Gungun agrees. Golu sits beside her and starts having samosas with Gungun. Neeti coughs and asks Golu to come with her a side. Golu makes an excuse and they both leaves the room.

Neeti tells they have to leave the room before Anubhav arrives. She also tells that they have to make an excuse. They both goes inside. Neeti asks Chavi to come with her saying Gungun that she will bring the shopping clothes to her and leaves. Yug tells that he will go and bring her a spicy chutney. Amit tells that he will also go with him and leaves the room. Golu tells that he will bring her sweet chutney. Gungun tells she will also go with him but Golu aaks her to wait here. Gungun agrees and decides to take rest. Golu leaves. Gungun thinks they are joint family may be that’s why they all went to bring chutney and happily starts munching thr samosas.

Kushi looks outside and wonders why Anubhav is not reached the house yet. She then sees Anubhav is coming so she goes to Golu and gang and tells them that Anubhav is here. They all gets happy. Neeti tells without her it’s not possible. Golu praises her. Yug asks Neeti what kind of message she sent. Neeti tells him that she will tell later. Kushi urges them to hide before Anubhav sess them so they all leaves the place. Anubhav enters his room and finds Gungun there. Gungun makes faces at Anubhav and starts mocking Anubhav. Anubhav taunts her back. Gungun asks Anubhav is he here to taunt her or argue with her.

Anubhav tells that it’s not his intention but if Gungun is there then its not possible to not to get into an argument. Gungun tells Anubhav that she is here because Garima asked her to thank them all for visiting her when she was ill. Anubhav tells that it doesn’t give explanation why she is in his room. Gungun tells Chavi took her here also adds that they all are enjoying but suddenly he arrived. Anubhav taunts her and asks who she meant they all. Gungun takes Golu and his gangs name. She then starts screaming for water after taking a bite from samosa so Anubhav give her a glass of water and scolds her. He asks her when she is not feeling well why she is having all this.

Gungun tells that she told him she is fine. Anubhav tells that he is talking about the message which she sent him. Gungun tells him that she never sent him.any message. She also adds if she gets a chance she may block his number also makes a complaint for annoying her. Anubhav calls her a liar and tells her that she sent him a message in which it was stated that she misses him which lead him to come to the house. Gungun tells that she may miss the pain which she was going through last night but she will never miss him and tells that she didnt sent any message.

She also asks why did he came to the house. Anubhav becomes speechless but tells that he came here to warn her not to send such messages. Gungun gets angry and tells him that she never sent such messages. Anubhav shows the message. Gungun gets shocked and tells it’s her number but she didnt sent him any message. Anubhav mockingly asks is the message sent on it’s own.. Gungun tells she doesn’t know anything.

Golu and gang gets worried that their plan was backfired which lead Gungun and Anubhav to fight with each other. Neeti tells that she forget to delete the message in Gungun’s mobile..Yug mocks Neeti. They all asks Neeti is she have any back up plan. Neeti says no. They all enters the room asking to stop fighting.

Gungun complaints that Anubhav is accusing her. Anubhav tells that Gungun is lying to him. Golu asks Gungun to think that Anubhav left his important experiment after he received her message. Gungun tells she didnt sent one. She asks Neeti is she sent because she had her hand earlier. Neeti acts like crying and tells that she is not a cunning women like how they shows in serials. Anubhav realises Golu and his gang is behind all this so he tells Gungun that she didnt send him any message so he is leaving. Gungun tells that she is also leaving. Golu and his gang stops them.

Golu and gang tells Gungun that Anubhav once again has to go through the traffic torture to reach his institute sp instead of that ask her to stop him. Gungun tells that she never told him to leave so Anubhav stays. Gungun tells that they can play a game. Anubhav says no but Golu and gang agrees. Golu tells that they will play Bilnd man bluff in which two people will be blindfolded and chooses Anubhav and Gungun. In institution Akruti enters the lab and finds Anu is not there so she wonders where he went leaving an important experiment which he need to submit today. After learning through peon that Anubhav went to his house she wonders what’s so important made him leave his experiment and Hope’s Hope’s nothing wrong went.

Precap: Anubhav tells that he left an important experiment to not to play some stupid games. Both Anubhav and Gungun gete into an argument. Amit justifies as a son in law if he can play then Anubhav should play too. Golu and gang blindfolds both Anu and Gungun and they locks them inside. Gungun hugs Anubhav and tells she catched someone. They both looks at each other and gets shocked.

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