Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 27th July 2022 Written Update: Anubhav gets a flash of his past on seeing Gungun’s picture


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The episode starts with Gungun getting surprised with Armaan’s visit. She asks him why he brought cake, if it’s his birthday. Armaan says that it’s for celebrating the success of their magazine. Garima says that Ridhesh would be proud of Gungun if he was alive. Armaan says that even his mom would be proud of if she was alive.

Armaan asks Gungun to cut the cake. Gungun asks Armaan to cut it. Garima suggests them cutting it together. Gungun remembers cutting cake with Anubhav and refuses. She agrees when Armaan refuses to cut it alone. Gungun and Armaan cut the cake together and celebrate their success.

Gungun comes to the fishermen’s locality looking for an inspirational story of a fisherwomam. A girl thanks Gungun for chocolate and cup cake. She says that the mother and daughter, Radha and Vina’s story inspires them. She takes to them to their house. Radha welcomes Gungun. Gungun says that Vina who will be the first girl in their locality to complete B.

A and Radha let Vina study despite all obstacles. She says that she’s going to cover their inspirational story. She shows the cover page of the magazine which has her photo and says that Vina’s photo can also be printed on the cover page like this. Radha says that Vina isn’t at home, she has gone with Madhav to attend her exam.

Gungun tells Armaan that she got the story of a mother and daughter. She is certain that the story will take their magazine to another level. Armaan feels proud of Gungun. Other hand Radha shows Vani the magazine and tells about the interview. Vani says that she’s scared to give the interview. Radha says that her story is covered to inspire other girls.

Anubhav comes there. Radha shows him the magazine saying that Vani’s photo is going to get published on this. Anubhav gets blur flashes when he sees Gungun’s photo. He says that he knows this girl. He starts to get get head pain. Radha and Vani get worried and make him seat.

Radha meets the head of their locality and says that she wishes to get Vina married. He asks if she saw any alliance. Radha says that she thought of getting Vina married to Madhav. The head suggests get them married as the locality is gossiping about Vina and Madhav relationship. Radha clarifies that they aren’t in relationship and Madhav is a good guy. But the head gets adamant to get them married the next day during the puja. He orders her to not tell them about this.

Radha returns home. Vani gets upset with Raha for leaving a sleeping Anubhav alone. Radha thinks that Vina likes Anubhav seeing her care for him. Other Armaan invites Gungun for dinner. He asks her to not misunderstand him, his friend is inaugurating his new restaurant and invited Gungun as she’s a celebrating. Gungun refuses stating that she can’t fake her smile. Armaan says that Anubhav will be sad seeing Gungun in this condition. Gungun accepts Armaan’s invitation.

Goli and Pradyush visit Kulshreshths. Goli and Pradyush joke. Charudatt says that they laugh first time after Anubhav’s death. Goli comes to Sagarm and finds her crying looking at his photo. Sargam regrets not understanding Anubhav. She wishes that Anubhav could return. She says that she can’t live without Anubhav.

Goli gets emotional on hearing Sargam. Goli apologizes to Sargam for leaving the house getting married when her family needs her the most. Sargam says that Goli didn’t do any wrong by getting married. She says that she’s happy for her and Anubhav would be also happy if he was alive. They cry hugging.

The episode ends.

Precap: Anubhav gets his memory back and asks where Gungun is. Radha and Vani are surprised to hear Gungun’s name.

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