Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 28th July 2022 Written Update: Golu and Ankit’s shocking accusation on Gungun


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The episode starts with Gungun saying that Vina is really an inspiration for other girls. Vina’s friend says that Vina is good in study and in catching fish too. Another friend teases that she also caught a Rajkumaar for herself while fishing. Gungun says them that she doesn’t understand their talk. The girl says that Vina found a man while going to fish, but he lost his memory, so they’re calling him as Madhav.

Gungun asks if they’re showing him to any doctor. Vina says that Madhav is getting treated by a vaidya. Gungun says that she should see a neurologist. Vina says that they can’t afford treatment to the neurologist. Gungun assures to take care of Madhavan’s treatment. Anubhav is walking singing a song. Gungun gets emotional on hearing this. Gungun asks who is singing. The girl says that Madhav is singing.

Gungun denies and is about to say it’s Anubhav, but stops herself. Vina comes to Anubhav and gets angry with him for coming alone as he forgets the route to return home. She asks him to continue to sing. Anubhav obliges. Gungun takes leave. She stops hearing Anubhav singing. She convinces herself that it can’t be Anubhav.

Later Gungun with Armaan about Madhav’s voice is reassembling to Anubhav’s Armaan says that those who died can’t return and it’s just her misconception. Armaan tells he likes Gupta’s golgappe. He says that he used to go there and eats golgappe, but he stopped visiting the shop due to his busy schedule. He realizes that one should also pamper oneself after meeting her. They both leave to eat Gupta’s golgappe.

In the market Golu and Ankit spot Gungun and Armaan talking and having fun and misunderstand Gungun. Gungun says to Armaan that she started to smile instead of crying after sensing his presence around her. An angry Golu comes to Gungun and accuses her of loving Anubhav only to gain popularity.

Armaan defends Gungun. He says that Gungun doesn’t want to feature on his magazine, but he convinced her. Ankit says that Armaan just met Gungun while they know her from longtime. He says that Armaan soon realize her real face. Golu and Ankit rebuke Gungun for easily moving on forgetting Anubhav.

Radha brings Vina to the head of the fishermen locality. She says to the head about Anubhav blabbering Gungun’s name. The head asks who Gungun is. She says that the girl who visits their locality to take Vina’s interviewi and distributes sweets. The head says that he must have heard her name somewhere and blabbering.

Radha says that they don’t know anything about Madhav and his family. She asks how she can get married Vina to Madhav whether he is married or unmarried. Vina gets shocked and says that she can’t marry him though she likes him without knowing about his marital status. The head taunts that Vina is refusing since she’s educated.

He says that their locality is gossiping about Vina roaming with Madhav so he decided to get them married. Radha and Vina accept his decision Radha asks what if Madhav regain his memory after marriage and they learn that he is married. The head says that they will cancel the marriage. He assure to find a good guy for Vina and get her remarried to him in that.

Gungun does her presentation on Radha and Vina’s story. Later Armaan tells about Gungun having all the qualities that his mother wanted his wife to have. Armaan asks Gungun about the puja which is going to take place in the fishermen locality. Gungun says that it’s day after tomorrow, but she will go there to take some bites of Vina and meet Madhav.

The episode ends.

Precap: Madhav is angry that Radha and Vina left him locking up in the house. Radha says that he can always be with Vina by marrying her. Anubhav remembers filling Gungun’s hairline with vermillion.

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