Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 6th July 2022 Written Update: Gungun surprises Anubhav


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The episode starts with Anubhav registering his statement to the commissioner. Commissioner says that Anubhav’s statement won’t be enough and they need proof. Just then the officer who is checking that day CCTV footage calls commissioner. Gungun, Anubhav and commissioner see Ranvijay handing Anubhav to the terrorists in the footage.

Commissioner assures Gungun and Anubhav to imprison him. Gungun asks if Ranvijay will not be able to escape using his connection. Commissioner says that he will himself ready the chargesheet and submit in the court. He says that they need an good advocate and asks if they know anyone.

Ranvijay and Gaikwad are discussing about killing Anubhav. Gaikwad says that Anubhav’s interrogation is going. His man is waiting outside. He says that they will kill Anubhav in the first opportunity they will get when he will come out. Golu calls Gungun and confirms that Anubhav isn’t with her. He tells her that Anubhav’s birthday is the next day, but he doesn’t tell this anyone neither celebrate it which surprises Gungun.

Gungun says that they will celebrate it tonight and will invite Prakaash and commissioner to the party. Golu says to keep it away from Anubhav. Golu sats that he is coming to the police station to pic her up then they will go to the cake shop to order cake. After that they will decorate their room. Gungun agrees.

The latter comes to Gungun. She requests commissioner to let her talk with Anubhav about something important. Commissioner agrees. Gungun takes Anubhav apart and says that she’s going back to the hotel as she wants to do shopping which confuses Anubhav. Gungun is about to fall Anubhav holds her. Gungun then leaves.

Gungun, Golu and Ankit are decorating the room to surprise Anubhav. Meanwhile at the Kulshreshths, Akriti is decorating the house for Anubhav’s birthday which surprises the family. Akriti says that her anger distanced Anubhav from her and wishes that her love will bring him closer. She asks family to phone Anubhav and asks him to call by evening so that she can surprise him.

Chandru says that they usually don’t celebrate birthdays, but they will celebrate as she put lot of efforts. Akriti says that she is sure that Gungun is with Anubhav in Mumbai and adds that she’s worried that Gungun won’t let Anubhav return. Chandru says that he will call Anubhav immediately. Sargam says to also ask him if Gungun is with him.

Chandru calls Anubhav and asks him to return home by evening if he has interrogation is iver. Anubhav asks why. Chnadru says that they’re waiting for him especially Akriti. Sunanda asks Anubhav if he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday with them and eat the halwa made by Sargam. Chandru says that this time someone arranged for a surprise party for him. He aska him to speak to Akriti. The latter asks Anubhav about the interrogation. Anubhav says that it’s going good. Akriti asks if Gungun is with him.

Anubhav says that Gungun is in the hospital which enrages Akriti. She asks what Gungun is doing there. Anubhav says that she has come for the case. Akriti says that hecis lying. Anubhav repeats that Gungun has come here only for official work. Akriti shouts shut up. She throws the phone. She destroys the decorations and cries. Family tries to pacify her.

Anubhav leaves the commissioner office alone. Gaikwad man follows Anubhav. He informs the same to Gaikwad. The latter instructs them to shoot Anubhav when he is alone. They try to shoot him when Anubhav’s car stops in the signal, but drop the idea on seeing the CCTV cameras.

Anubhav reaches hotel. He comes to his room. Gungun shouts surprise. Anubhav, Golu and Ankit sing happy birthday song for Anubhav. Gungun wishes Anubhav on his birthday and hugs him. Gungun asks how was the surprise.

Anubhav says that this his best birthday surprise. Golu and Ankit tease Anubhav. They all share a group hug. Just then Anubhav receives Charudatt’s video call. Anubhav receives. Charudatt and family wish Anubhav on his birthday. They tease him and ask him to give them grand children soon. Akriti sees Anubhav’s room decoration in the video and asks who did this. Anubhav says that Golu and Ankit did it.

The episode ends.

Precap: Akriti asks Anubhav to show the whole room. Anubhav does so. Akriti says that she knows that Gungun is hiding in his room. Anubhav says that she saw the whole on the pretext of seeing the decorations. Akriti says that she doesn’t believe any of his words. She asks Anubhav to return to Lucknow soon else she will reach there.

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