Kasautii Zindagii Kay : Komolika Is Threatened

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

The Episode begins with Ronit trying to listen to. Prerna asks inspector to examine the suite well. Ronit looks on. Prerna says Anurag isn’t in senses, everyone can attack on him. Komolika says I’ve checked the room and bath, you might leave. Prerna says you’ve checked, but inspector will check today. Komolika says enough, I’m feeling sleeping.

Prerna asks what, its imp. Manager says I trust the safety, but checking can be performed nicely. Inspector asks them to stay out. Ronit hides. Komolika asks Prerna to take leave and police. Prerna says fine, if you say, but on one condition, back out, eliminate Anurag. Komolika says lets not get into all this, you’ll need to repent for spoiling my suhaagraat. Prerna laughs and says that he is not in senses, he is not able to sit down and talk, you call this suhaagraat, best thing is Ronit will get caught. Komolika claims this will not happen.

Prerna calls Shivani. Constable does not see Ronit hiding. Shivani comes. Komolika get stunned seeing her disguise. She says I do not believe you, you have amazing talent, you combine some play business or open a play academy. Prerna indicates the small baby and states its yours, you like to have baby, he went on you, he’s got no heart, a mother has a heart full of love, you’re stubborn for Anurag. Komolika scolds her. Ronit comes outside to see. Ronit runs. Prerna says he’s running, catch him. Police follows Ronit. He goes from window. Anurag calls out Prerna. Prerna goes to him. Ronit hides his face by snatching a woman’s scarf. He flees from the resort on a guy’s bike. Police follows in the vehicle.

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Anurag sees Prerna and provides his hand. Prerna retains his hand. She hugs him and buttons his shirt. Shivani smiles seeing them. Komolika asks what do you do. Prerna says you spiked his drink to do anything with him, he remains in sensations and calls me, he loves me. Komolika says get up. Shivani points a knife in her back. Inspector asks what is happening. Komolika claims this girl. . Shivani throws the knife. Komolika asks did you get that man. Inspector says no, he ran away. Prerna says it means somebody was here, he can return. Komolika says he will not return. Prerna asks how can you make sure. Inspector says we will stay here all night, Anurag will acquire conscious till morning. Prerna says yes.

Its dawn, Mohini sees Anurag and Komolika coming. She asks are you nice, did you find out that assaulted you. He says no. She asks Anupam to take him. Anupam says I must go to office. Mohini asks Komolika to not worry. Komolika says nothing such occurred. Mohini says there was someone in your package, you’re saying this. Komolika says Prerna got the authorities there, she does not want Anurag and me to combine, but , tell me, why are you silent when a servant’s daughter is destroying our lives. She goes. Mohini believes Prerna did so intentionally, I will fire her out of this job. Komolika states Prerna you spoiled our night, you have guts due to mangalsutra and sindoor, I won’t leave you. Prerna belongs to Anurag. He says you ….

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She says I can not be at home all day, is everything fine, are you dizzy. He says no, I have a heavy head, I’m not able to focus. She says I will make kada to your relief. He says no, listen, I’m fine. She goes to make kada. Komolika appears on and comes to her. She takes a knife and vents anger tapping on the knife around Prerna’s hand. She scolds Prerna.

Prerna says I will always hold Anurag if he wants me, I’m not scared of you. Komolika says you… Moloy asks what is happening. Prerna says she got angry, she’s making away the fly by a knife, she might get hurt. Moloy asks what is going on here. Prerna says that she was threatening me, I’m not scared of flies, they simply irritate, they do not bite. Komolika goes. Prerna says its fine, I need Anurag’s support, Sonalika is feeling jealous. Moloy says I know what you mean to say, sorry. Prerna says I m prepared to await my time. Komolika sees the marbles. She drops it on the stairs. She believes if Prerna slips on the stairs, this time she can not save her child.