Kasautii Zindagii kay : Anurag saves Prerna

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Kasautii Zindagii kay 27th January 2020 upcoming story on serialgossip.in

Episode starts with Anurag threatens goon with Knife to learn about Prerna location. Goon attempts to lie and escape but Anurag defeats him than goon shows they went near cliff. Anurag takes aim from goon leaves and phone.

Ronit asks Jagga to take left to achieve quickly. Anurag confuses between two instructions and takes right. Ronit reached cliff stage with Prerna. Komolika waits for them.

Komolika faces Prerna and says I’m gonna teach you lesson for slapping me. When Komolika attempts to slap her but Prerna stops her and says nothing will happen to me since I understand Anurag will come to rescue me and our spirits are interlinked. Komoliks says do not get me mad with your filmy dialogues, until now your destiny is great to escape from me but now you can not. Prerna says I will. Komolika laughs and says I wish to see you falling out of cliff and asks Jagga to make her stand on the cliff edge if she resists shoot her.

Komolika points gun in Prerna and asks her to go near Cliff otherwise she’ll shoot her baby. Prerna moves near Cliff. Komolika says Im becoming psychological seeing your love for baby and now you must jump from here to look it like suicide. Anurag says I am coming for you Prerna. Prerna gets shocked. Komolika holds and her hands says Ronit see her face it’s looking like she saw departure from quite near and looks like she adore her life. Prerna says I really like my Anurag and infant, family. It is just issue between us wish you never input in my entire life. Komolika says among our desire will get fulfilled and that is mine. Prerna asks her to leave her infant. Komolika says fine suicide program is counter tops and she asks Ronit to try new exciting strategy.

Komolika goes to her. Jagga and Ronit ties Prerna palms and attach the rope to Automobile steering. Jagga stand Infront of Prerna to throw her. Anurag reaches Prerna place. Prerna gets happy and Komolika becomes shocked seeing him. Jagga pushes her from clip. Anurag imagines Prerna falling down and than he gets scared and runs to rescue her. Ronit cuts . Anurag yells stone at Jagga Nd he dropped down. Prerna slips and when she about dropped Anurag retains rope and attempts to pull Prerna up. Ronit shouts on goon for car keys. Viraj reaches location and assists Anurag to pull up Prena from cliff edge. Komolika gets angry seeing Prerna is secure. Prerna hugs Anurag making Viraj uncomfortable.

Anurag asks baby is fine . Komolika joins them. Anurag sees Ronit escaping from car and he moved to accompany him requesting Sonalika and Viraj to take Prerna to home. Ronit and Goons hides behind vehicles to escape. Anurag searches each inch.