Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka : Differences are increasing between Roshni and Aman

Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th January 2020 upcoming story on

Episode begins with Alia is checking books in the library when Roshni comes there and asks what are you doing here? Alia says I am searching for a story book for my child, I thought the library has so many books so that it will have some books for children also. Roshni says I have observed book somewhere in the library that I will enable you to get it. Alia is doing this so that Roshni can find the photo album she tampered with.

As soon as Roshni will touch the photo album when she receives a call from Rubina and she leaves from there without checking anything farther. Rubina provides Roshni and Aman that the antidote of the poison because of which both of them can’t touch each other. The family members are speaking with each other when Roshni is searching for Aman.

Aman comes home with Alia the child and Chotu so the infant can get sleep. Roshni and Aman are speaking with one another about how to make the baby sleep? Roshni goes to library for taking out the fairytale story book when she finds out the record suddenly.

Roshni confronts Aman and she thinks maybe Alia may be the reason for this mistake and she tries to think logically.

Alia says to her child that not Aman however Kabir is the biological father of their child. She provides Aman the antidote Rubina gives to her to heal the poison. She says to him that I trust you about this thing that if you’re saying that these pictures aren’t true then it has to be fake. She warned Aman that Alia would like to make a comeback on your life and maybe she’s plotting these to separate us. This contributes to a pretty debate between the two of them. Later on, Aman thinks about the whole thing and decides to have a word with roshani directly.

Alia starts to act in front of him that she’s a victim of some unknown danger and she’s feeling scared because of that. Roshni is searching for Aman in the home as it’s their time to have the medication at night. Aman comes into the area of Alia to see her off and the child. Alia is insisting him to remain just a little bit more but he isn’t interested.

Parveen spiked the water stored in the area of Alia, so that she can remove the child tonight. Aman begins took off after previously made him assess a cologne, Aliya unknowingly offers him the identical water and when he absorbs it, he gets to sleep then and there.

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