Katha Ankahee 23rd January 2022 Written Update: Aarav gets admission in school


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The episode starts with the principal sees Aarav’s art and praises him. Katha gets happy and thanks the principal for agreeing to admit Aarav in school. The principal says she have some concern about that and asks her to listen first and not to react too quick. Aarav complains to Niraj that what Katha is doing inside the principal office also why she is showing his arts instead she can show the principal about his cricket skills. Nirija asks him to calm down and wait because whatever Katha doing is necessary. Inside the office Principal expresses her worry that Aarav may face problem getting along with the kids also he may struggle to keep up with other kids in studies. Katha assures her that Aarav is capable of managing this also adds that the principal can test Aarav with the unit test of the kids. The principal looks on.

Viaan starts reading about leukemia from his laptop. He then recalls his behavior towards Katha and reads that the parents are forced to stay strong with the kids who are diagnosed with Leukemia. He regrets his actions towards and wishes Katha let them know about her situation then he would never let her suffer. Other side Aarav writes exam. Niraj tells Katha that she is surprised seeing a kid who is excited about exam but her own kids are scared and they used to suffer with fever. Katha then receives a call from Jenny who informs her that her resignation is accepted and she has to come to office to complete the formalities. Katha asks her to sent an email. Jenny taunts her by calling her being an always busy woman. She then tells Katha that the latter has to handover her project to another person then only she can able to give her resignation letter. Katha tells Jenny she will come after lunch which Jenny agrees. She then informs Nirija that her resignation got accepted and in this corporate world papers can only speak so she has to go to office one last time to complete the formalities. She also tells Nirija how she used to get scared when her truth about being a single mother comes out her bosses will fire her but now they must be wondering how to fire an already resigned employee. Nirija jokes then says she is curious to know about her bosses. Katha tells her one of her boss visited her the other day is a rude one his name is Viaan and the another one is Ehsan.

Ehsan gets relieved finding Viaan in his cabin. He expresses his worry of not finding him also his mobile also in switched off condition. He further adds that even he is guilty of not knowing about Katha’s personal life and thought also used to say her biggest strength is she is single but turned out she had a kid who was diagnosed by cancer. Viaan remains silent. Ehsan says to Viaan the latter is pressurizing himself more and asks him is Katha asked his help. Viaan gets shocked and stares at Ehsan. Ehsan continues Katha didn’t asked their help so Viaan don’t have to put himself in this much guilt. He further regrets for not learning about Katha’s life eventhough he used to call her as his friend. He then says that they failed to help Katha bit now they knows the truth they can. He also wonders how Katha managed the treatment expenses and arranged one crore. Viaan gets tenses but says she must have taken a loan and adds that they should focus on how to help Katha from now on. Ehsan says Katha isn’t even answering his calls and gets upset.

In the school the principal checks Aarav’s test paper then asks him is he cheated on the exams. Aarav swears no. The principal smiles and tells she is joking and says she knows he is capable of attending the exams seeing Katha’s confidence. She also tells her the difference between home school kids education and the normal education of the normal kids and questions how she made Aarav learn all of it. Katha thanks the cancer which snatches the thought of person whose luxury to live a long life also the only thing that person can have is time which she and Aarav made sure to utilize it. The principal asks Aarav to join in a cricket team too which makes the latter happy. Katha Aarav and Nirija leaves the principal office. Katha tells Aarav that she has to go to Earth Con one last time and asks both Nirija and Aarav to wait for her in the restaurant. Aarav obliges. Katha leaves. Aarav tells Nirija that he wants to share this happy news with both Kailash and Kavita. Nirija agrees.

Kavita opens Aarav’s gift and gets happy seeing the handmade God’s idol. She then expresses her happiness to Reet. Reet indirectly mocks at Katha for not in a position to buy a proper gift. Kavita tells her they can buy whatever they want as a gift in shops but the effort a person puts to create gifts for their loved one’s also their intentions matters. Reet acts and agrees. She then asks Kavita how did Katha managed to arrange one crore. Kavita says it doesn’t matter but Reet says it does matter. Kailash arrives there and praises Katha. He then tells Reet as a mother she also knows a mother can go to any extend for her kids which makes Kavita happy. Kavita takes Reet with her for check up. Kailash recalls everything that happened then feels guilty also regrets his actions. Other side the employees talks about Katha being a single mother. Katha arrives there. Jitu bhai praises her also promises to meet Aarav soon. Katha agrees then looks on worried.

Precap: Viaan praises Katha for being a brave person and defeated the cancer so if she want she can kill person like him too and she don’t have to leave. Later Katha is on her way out of office but gets stopped in her track hearing the employees sharing their worry about the dead lines of the project also if they fails to complete then they have to lose the job.

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