Katha Ankahee 6th March 2023 Written Update: Katha confronts Neerja


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The episode starts with Teji shows a photo of a girl and says she is from an amazing family but she feels that the girl will separate him from her. She then tells she wants her to like that girl too who he is going to marry so she will find a wife for him. Viaan asks that she told her to find a girl for him on his own now she is saying she will find a girl. Teji asks him is he find any girl? Then asks him to find a girl who she likes her too. Viaan recalls Teji’s advice to him what one should do after realizing their true love. Other side Katha learns about Aarav had so much icecream so reprimands him from having.

Aarav then informs Katha about the men who misbehaved with Neerja after that she was upset and sad. He also says the other day when he answered the call by mistake the person on the line called Maa also rudely talked. Katha recalls reading Neerja’s message. Aarav tells that he thinks Neerja needs her help. Katha looks on.

Katha meets Neerja in the kitchen. Neerja says how she is going to fool Aarav who asked her pasta. She further adds that she will convince him by giving him a chocolate. She then asks Katha to buy things from the market for Holi celebration. She decides to make Aarav’s first Holi a memorable one. Katha suggests Neerja to call her son’s and they can invite them to Holi celebration. Neerja gets tensed when Katha takes the former’s mobile to call her. She ends up telling her son’s are in Mumbai only but if she says anything other than this then Katha will hate them. Katha convinces her to say everything.

Neerja tells her about her constant fight with her son’s so she ended up living in an old aged home. Also her son’s are in Mumbai only. Katha suggests that she is willing to talk to them for her. Neerja refuses and tells her about a property dispute in which her son’s needs her help but she refuses to help them hence they are angry. She then tells Katha this type of conversation tires her out and shows her the Halwa. Katha smiles and tells Neerja that no one taken care of her the way Neerja does and hugs her. Neerja gets emotional.

Viaan waits for Katha to come to the office. Ehsan arrives there and asks him when did he returned also mockingly says if Viaan is in trouble then he is sure Viaan will call his childhood friend. Viaan tells him about getting stuck in a place where network wasn’t that great. He then sees Katha and stares at her. Ehsan notices this. He then goes to Katha and apologises to her for his behavior. Katha says she forgave him. Ehsan leaves when he receives a call. Viaan and Katha stares at each other. Katha smiles at Viaan then decides to go back to her cabin. Viaan tells Katha that he wants to talk to her and too in private so suggests to have the conversation in her cabin.

Katha gets confused but agrees. Before they both could enter the cabin Jeetu bhai arrives there and informs them about the previous client of the Lonavola project who took it first then dropped it so he called them to find out what happened in the past to help them with their future. Katha gets an idea so she assures Jeetu bhai then goes back to her cabin. Viaan gets upset. Katha gets information from the hospital about Neerja’s old aged home details. Meanwhile Viaan calls Aarav and the latter complains for being busy. Viaan apologises then asks his help to talk to his friend. He tells he is nervous. Aarav encourages Viaan to express his feelings and if his friend gets upset then use his charm to calm her down. Viaan smiles and thanks him for the advice then looks on with determination.

Precap: Viaan runs behind Katha and gets into an elevator with her where he tries to speak to her but struggles. Katha gets confused. Ehsan gets shocked seeing Viaan’s behavior. Later Katha meets Varun and Rajat and suggests them they can sort the issues between them and Neerja through a conversation. Varun insults Katha. Katha gets shocked.

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