Katha Ankahee 7th March 2023 Written Update: Katha meets Varun and Rajat


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The episode starts with Katha receives a call from Sneha old aged home and introduces herself as Saroja. Katha asks her about Neerja. She tells Neerja as a part of her family. Saroja asks Katha the reason behind her calling her. Katha says she wants Neerja’s son’s number because she is planning for a surprise party for her. Saroja warns Katha about Neerja’s son’s then gives their number. Katha requests Saroja to not to tell Neerja about their conversation. Saroja agrees. Viaan sees Katha who is waiting near an elevator then recalls Aarav’s advice so he goes and stands behind Katha. Katha enters the elevator and Viaan follows her. Ehsan notices it and gets confused. Viaan struggles to speak with Katha but fails. Katha tells Viaan she will talk to him later then leaves the place.

Katha meets Varun and Rajat. She tells them that Neerja is sad because of whatever the misunderstanding that’s happened between them. Varun tells he knows Neerja must be sent Katha to them and says he is sure that Neerja must have complained about them. Katha says Neerja never said any single bad thing about them both. She also says that she isn’t aware about their misunderstandings. But requests them to talk to Neerja and sort out their difference. Varun tells Katha that their father never left any property or anything for them except a land in a village. There was a dispute which Neerja resolved it by going legally. Now she refuses to give them the land. He further asks if Katha can convince Neerja to give them the land.

Katha tells Varun and Rajat that she don’t know the reason behind Neerja’s decision but she is sure if they both talks to her nicely they may convince her. Rajat suggests Katha to convince Neerja on their behalf. Katha refuses to not to interfere in this matter. She then tells them how important Neerja is for her who donated her bone marrow to her son and saved his life. She is like a mother figure to her. She can’t see Neerja upset so pleads them to clear their misunderstandings. Varun accuses Katha for planning to take the land from Neerja which shocks Katha.

Kailash tells Kavita his plan to spend some time with Yuvraj just like old times. Kavita gets happy. Kailash asks if Yuvraj will arrive or not? Kavita tells him that Yuvraj will definitely come. Kailash gets happy. Viaan waits for Katha in the office. Katha arrives and goes to her cabin. Viaan goes to her cabin and persuades her the reason behind her looking stressed. Katha tells him about Neerja’s son’s who is after their parents property but send their mother to old age home and expresses her disappointment towards them. Viaan recalls meeting Neerja before. Katha asks Viaan what he wants to talk to her. Viaan says it’s not important then asks Katha do she want his help to solve this problem. Katha says if she needs then will ask him.

Viaan asks Katha to go back home and complete her work. Katha thanks then leaves. Kavita returns home and learns Yuvraj didn’t meet Kailash so Kailash’s attempt to bonding time with Yuvraj get cancelled. She encourages him to not to lose hope because she have so many idea’s. Kailash gets happy. Katha returns home with bag full of things. Both Katha and Aarav praises Neerja’s cooking. Katha then asks Neerja to prepare food for them on the day of Holi. Neerja agrees. Aarav and Neerja talks about using the water gun which Katha bought. Katha warns them not to use inside the house. She then makes Neerja look the other side then puts the photo frame in which Neerja is there too in the wall with the help of Aarav. Neerja gets emotional. Katha hugs her.

Precap: Neerja decides to leave the house at late night but Katha and Aarav catches her. Viaan questions Katha about her looking tired. Later Viaan donates money to old age home where Neerja stays. Saroja thanks Viaan. Neerja spots Viaan and then teases him with Katha. Viaan looks on shocked.

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