Katha Ankahee Upcoming Story: Katha to hired as an anti sexual harassment team head!


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Aditi Sharma and Adnan Khan starrer Katha Ankahee is a newly launched Sony Tv show. This show is about how a widow also a single mother Katha doing multiple works to earn money for her Son Aarav’s medical treatment who is diagnosed by a blood cancer and a business man Viaan who thinks women are with men for their money.

Now that Viaan asking the board members to start the internal trial about sexual harassment allegations against him so it will be interesting to watch that what’s going to happen in the future episodes.

In the current track it shown that Katha wondering which personality of Viaan is true. Meanwhile Jeetu bhai talks to the lawyer. Viaan orders to call the board members to inform the news. Teji and Farah gets furious hearing Shamita’s allegations against Viaan. Ehsan suggests to give money to Shamita to shut her mouth but Viaan refuses.

Here, Neerja learns from Katha about Shamita’s allegations against Viaan. She refuses to believe also advices Katha to not to blindly trust or hate. Viaan asks the board members to hire a new team with female head also maximum female team members to investigate the case as he don’t want the employees to feel unsafe working in Earthcon.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Katha will meet the board members of Earthcon. Mr.Agarwal will explain Katha about the current status of the allegations also their decision to hire a new head and tream to find out the depth of the truth. He will further add that they are choosing Katha as the head which will shock Katha.

Later Viaan will say to his employees his decision to temporarily step down from his CEO position until the truth comes out. The employees will get shocked. Katha will enter the elevator where Viaan already is. She will struggle to speak to him.

Viaan will notice her struggles but remains silent. Farah will advice Ehsan to use this opportunity to outshine Viaan and take Viaan’s position from him instead of being emotional.

What will happen next? Will Ehsan follow Farah’s advice?

What will Katha do to find out the truth? Will Katha accept the board members decision?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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