Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 21st May 2024 Written Update: Naren exposes all the family secrets

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 21st May 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with the cows in the ratansy family. Hemraj becomes furious both on Naren and Nandini. When Naren says that he wants to leave the house before leaving anyone else. Hemraj forces him to do so. When the collision between Hemraj and Naren gets triggered of Chanchala becomes very nervous and runs into her own room. She decides to kill herself if her own son would leave the house. Naren and Nandini both run to save our life. Later Chanchala request Nandini to withdraw the case, she knows very well that Nandani’s family has suffered a lot because of the superstition of Hemraj but if Nandini wouldn’t withdraw the case the whole family will be broken. Nandini says she doesn’t have any personal problem with this family but she is compelled to charge this case against Hemraj Ratansi. If she wouldn’t get back that farmland, Ishwar and Mani will be totally helpless. Although Nandini is emotionally manipulated to call of the case but she makes her mother in law understand that she doesn’t have any other way but to continue with this complain. But she promises that everything will be okay when she will get back her farmland.

In the next morning Chanchal learns that Naren and Nandini have left the house in the last night. Dhawal promises that he will take care of this matter and will insist Naren to return home. Hemraj forbids his brother to come in the samaj bhavan and says that he himself will be enough to handle this case.

In the samaj bhavan the president of the society listens the accusations of both sides. Nandini mentions that she wants back her Dahej and the specific farmland which Hemraj took from her uncle. Hemraj anticipates that whatever Ishwar has given to him was his spontaneous wish and as a tradition of the society. He never insisted Ishwar to give that farmland. The president asks Ishwar whether it is correct or not what Hemraj is mentioning. But being afraid of Nandini’s unstable marriage life, Ishwar has changed his words and says that whatever he gave to Hemraj was following his own wish.

Nandini gets hurt because of the sudden change of the behaviour of uncle. Naren and Nandini both assure him that they will be by his side but Ishwar remains silent. Naren raises his voice against the tradition of his family and exposes that Ratansi family always takes Dahej from the daughter’s family. Giving example he reveals all the hidden secrets of the family which makes Hemraj very embarrassed. He also proves that Hemraj insisted Ishwar to book a five star hotel for their marriage.

When Ishwar realises this that if Nandini would defeat this case all the girls of the society will lose their hope to get the justice about the Dahej, he accepts that he was manipulated to say the lie in front of the samaj bhavan so that Nandini will fail to continue her case.

Episode ends.

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