Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2024 Written Update: Deepika criticises Vikrant.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Gajendra asking Krishna where is Priyu as she isn’t focused on her work from yesterday. Krishna and Trishna say to Gajendra that a big problem is going on in Prachi’s life and says once that is sorted out Prachi will do her job well. Krishna goes to take a well. Prachi comes to Gajendra and talks to her. Gajendra says to Prachi about AmarDayal planning a rally against them. Prachi says she added a few points and asks Gajendra to check it out. Prachi leaves from there to make tea for Gajendra.

Vikrant comes to Deepika. Deepika asks Vikrant who is he. Vikrant asks Deepika what does she mean. Deepika comments on Vikrant as RV scolded him like a servant. Deepika says to Vikrant that he might like being servant of RV but she will not like it. Deepika asks Vikrant to atleast have some self respect for her and leaves from there.

Deepika comes to the kitchen. Vaishali asks Deepika why is she looking angry. Deepika warns Vaishali that her situation will also be the same as her. Vaishali asks Deepika what is she talking about. Deepika complaints to Vaishali that RV has insulted Vikrant by treating him like a servant. Vaishali couldn’t believe it. Deepika says what happened with Vikrant might also happen with Jaswanth. Vaishali thinks Deepika is right.

Vaishali comes to Jaswanth and asks Jaswanth to promise her he will not be insulted by RV. Vaishali says to Jaswanth how RV insulted Vikrant. Vaishali says RV has changed and this change is due to Purvi.

Jaswanth comes to Hermal and reveals to Hermal that RV has insulted Vikrant and comments on him. Jaswanth says Vaishali and Deepika think RV’s change in behaviour is due to Purvi. Harleen overhears their conversation. Harleen decides to give a piece of her mind to Purvi.

RV comes to meet Purvi in the police station. Purvi says she thought Prachi has come to meet her. RV says she is also behaving like Vikrant. RV says to Purvi how he got into a fight with Vikant. RV says to Purvi how he got angry and reminded Vikrant of his failures. Purvi says to RV that he did the right thing. Purvi says he is good at his job so he should not allow people to point out mistakes and criticise him. Harleen and Vaishali to witness it from afar. Harleen seeing this thinks Purvi will destroy their family.

Episode ends.

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