Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update: Ranbir demands Balveer to apologize to Khushi


Kumkum Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Ranbir saying to Khushi ‘my daughter was snatched by God, she stays with him and now God has sent you changing your name, and you are my daughter Khushi. He says he can’t see her in pain and asks if her mom hit her. Khushi says no, at home Bindiya cut her finger while cutting veggies then I knocked on mom’s door for help then Laali’s lover came out and hit me and my mom. Ranbir asks where Laali and her boyfriend are. Khushi says they are at home.

Ranbir takes Khushi to Laali’s house and asks Laali to come out. Laali comes out. Ranbir asks what kind of mom she is. He asks why she is having friendship with the wrong man who is hitting her daughter. Laali says he hit me too. Ranbir asks why she is allowing the wrong man in the house. Laali asks him to not be involved in their house matter. Ranbir questions how she can talk in this way and questions if Khushi is not her daughter. Laali says Khushi is the adopted one and not my daughter. Ranbir says you adopted her so she is your responsibility. Laali’s lover comes out and asks what’s happening.

Dadi goes to the kitchen and tells Prachi that they can order food from outside. Prachi says cooking is a stress buster for her. She gets hurt while cooking. Dadi makes her dip her hand in a bowl of water. Prachi recalls her moment with Khushi. Dadi asks her if she is thinking about Khushi. Prachi agrees and her hand touches the milk pan and it falls down on the floor. Dadi says this is inauspicious. Prachi says it happened before too and that time Ranbir got hurt. Prachi says mom said the one who is near to our heart gets hurt when milk falls suddenly. Dadi asks if it’s Ranbir. Prachi says no. Dadi thinks Prachi may say yes to Akshay if she is not hurt by Ranbir.

Laali’s boyfriend drinks wine and questions why he is talking loudly. Ranbir asks him to not drink wine in front of the kid but he doesn’t. Ranbir asks Laali to stop him. Laali says he is like my husband and I can’t stop him. Ranbir tells Khushi that he will teach a lesson. He asks Laali’s lover to apologise to Khushi and asks him to never drink in front of her. Laali’s lover(Balveer) apologises to Khushi for his mistake and promises her that he won’t hit her again. Laali asks if he is fine. Balveer says he likes to act and tells Ranbir that this is his house and he can beat Laali and Khushi. He is about to beat Khushi when Ranbir pushes him. Balveer picks up the knife. Khushi gets scared.

Prachi, Shahana, and Dadi decide to watch ‘Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway movie’. Prachi decides to fight for Khushi. Ranbir asks Balveer to drop the knife but he doesn’t listen and tries to attack Ranbir. Khushi tries to stop Balveer but he doesn’t listen and pushes her. Ranbir gets mad and thrashes him. Balveer friends come there. On another side, Akhay does vigorous work out while thinking about recent happenings. Ashok comes there. He asks Akshay why he looks tense. Akshay tries to lie but Akshay catches his lie. Akshay says he can’t tell him what’s he thinking. Ashok thinks he knows he is tense in Prachi’s matter. He asks him to relax and leaves. Balveer asks his friends to beat Ranbir. They are about to attack Khushi. Khushi comes in between and asks them to not hurt Ranbir. Laali says they will kill you if you intervene. Khushi says they can kill me but don’t harm Ranbir. Ranbir gets touched. Laali drags Khushi aside.

Episode ends.