KumKum Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Update: Ranbir kisses Prachi


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The episode starts with Ranbir asking Pallavi why did she lie about Laddoo. Pallavi says there is a reason and reminds him how she did not eat at first. Pallavi says she will tell a lie to make her eat good food just like when she used to lie to him for him to drink milk when he was a kid. Ranbir asks Pallavi for forgiveness. Pallavi says she has learnt her lesson from her mistakes. Pallavi asks Ranbir to forgive her. Ranbir and Pallavi hug each other and Pallavi tells him to go Prachi. Rhea sees this and thinks whether she is acting or is this real. After Ranbir goes away. Pallavi calls Rhea and warns her to not keep an eye on her she doesn’t like it.

Ranbir comes and asks what is going on. Aryan proposes to play a game of Truth and Dare. Aryan is about spin the bottle. Shahana teases him. The bottle spins and shows Mili and she chooses Dare. Aryan tells Mili to kiss him. Milli comes to kiss him and he shows his forehead. Mili kisses Aryan on his forehead. Aryan spins the bottle and it shows Shahana and she chooses truth. Milli asks who is his first boyfriend. Shahana tells she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Prachi says she is lying and teases Shahana. The bottle spins and lands on Aryan and he chooses truth. Ranbir asks who is his first girlfriend. Aryan says his first girlfriend is in college and she doesn’t know that I love her. The bottle spins again and lands on Prachi. She chooses truth. Ranbir asks if she still loves him. Prachi doesn’t answer and because of sudden rain, they stop the game. Rhea sees Ranbir asking the question.

Everyone comes downstairs.Aryan asks what happen to their Delhi weather. Ranbir says it’s monsoon. Mili asks where is her room. Or she needs to share it with anyone. Aryan tells her she can stay with him. Shahana takes Mili with her saying she can stay in her room. Prachi leaves. Ranbir leaves behind Prachi managing Aryan.

Aryan sees Rhea in tears. Prachi turns and her hair hits Ranbir. She apologizes to him. Ranbir asks if she is planning to kill him like a ninja. She asks why he feels so. He says you lost in the game that’s why. Prachi says she doesn’t want to talk to him. She holds his collar when he irritates her. She goes closer to him and asks if he is drunk. Ranbir says he can feel what she feels. Prachi asks him to leave. Ranbir agrees. He comes back and tells her that he felt she is going to kiss him. Prachi glares at him. Ranbir walks back and falls to the floor. Prachi smiles and says it’s like karma. Ranbir kisses her cheek. Prachi gets shocked.

Aryan asks Rhea why she looks worried. Rhea says glad someone is noticed. Aryan asks her what happened. Rhea says we grownup together and you have everything but I have nothing. Aryan asks her to tell him what happened. Rhea says you congratulated Prachi and danced for her but not for me even though I’m married and pregnant. Aryan feels happy and congratulates her. He tells her he wished her first if he knows it. Rhea says no one is happy. Aryan asks her to tell everything so he can help her. Rhea in tears tells him she is the wife of Ranbir like Prachi and carrying his baby.

Episode ends.

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