KumKum Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Update: Alia devises a plan against Prachi


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The episode starts with Prachi seeing the situation at home and asking what happened. Ranbir says they are criminals. Shahana says we tied up them otherwise they will land in trouble. Pallavi comes there and asks if whatever she heard is correct? Ranbir says it’s true. Prachi and Dida ask what happened. Ranbir says it’s not important and now we need to call the police to hand over these people. Priya requests Ranbir to not call the police as it will affect Rahul and other careers. Rahul and his friends plead with Ranbir to forgive them. Alia says they won’t leave them.

Goons say they will never repeat it and asks them to forgive them. Rhea and Alia ask them to rub their nose on the floor to get an apology. Sid unties them. Rahul asks them to not let Priya do it as she is innocent. Alia asks them to do it. Prachi says Alia has to apologize to Priya as she did wrong by humiliating her and they did it out of anger. Rhea asks Prachi if she is out of her senses. Prachi asks Ranbir to leave them. Alia asks Ranbir if he is listening to Prachi. Ranbir supports Prachi and asks Alia to apologise to Priya. Alia refuses and leaves to her room. Rhea follows her.

Alia asks Rahul and his friends to never repeat their mistake and asks them to leave. Rahul and his friends promises her to become good humans. Priya apologises to her. Prachi says leave what happened and come early to work. Priya smiles. Prachi smiles seeing Ranbir.

Later Shahana asks Prachi why she is sitting in this way. Prachi says Ranbir wants me to marry Sid. Shahana says he has feelings for you but and he didn’t mean what he said to you. She makes her drink milk. Prachi says Ranbir gave me new life through using Cpr and he loves me then how he can ask me to marry someone else? She says she wants to hear this from him. Shahana says Ranbir is lying to himself then why will he tell truth to you? Prachi leaves without hearing her. Ranbir drinks wine and recalls his moments with Prachi seeing moon. Ranbir thinks to himself how can he live without Prachi while drinking alcohol. Ranbir recalls his memories with Prachi.

Alia thinks of what happened. Rhea thinks of Ranbir kissing Prachi and she says to Alia that she can’t stand it anymore and shares her worries with Alia saying the marriage of Prachi with Sid might not happen. Alia says to Rhea then to make Prachi throw her out of the house. Rhea asks Alia what is she talking about. Alia says to Rhea that she has to light a fire in Prachi’s heart so that she leaves the house on her own or make Prachi say that she doesn’t want to marry Sid and she only loves Ranbir. Then Prachi will fall down in Pallavi eyes as Pallavi will think that Prachi slept with Sid just to enjoy and she became pregnant because of it. Rhea praises Alia’s idea and goes to implement it.

Prachi sees Ranbir is sitting alone in the room. Prachi asks why is he sitting alone. Ranbir asks Prachi not to turn on the lights. Prachi still turns on the lights and says she has to talk to him. Ranbir says there is nothing to talk. Ranbir asks Prachi that she made a promise that she will be with him forever. Prachi also reminds Ranbir that he also made a lot of promises that he didn’t fulfill. Prachi asks Ranbir while he saved her then if he felt anything for her. Ranbir says he only tried to save her at that time and he didn’t have any feeling for her and asks her to marry to Sid and be happy.

Episode ends.

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