Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2021 Written Update: Pragya overhears Aliya convo with Tanu


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Episode starts with Abhi can’t have food than he asks Pragya to feed him. Pragya about to feed him than he makes her eat it to know if it’s spicy or not than Pragya feeds him. Abhi happily haves his food than says tomorrow their is party at home right? I will enjoy in that party. Pragya looks on. Mitali goes to Abhi room. Abhi scares her to leave than she runs from room. Abhi says tomorrow party is going to be good.

Rhea happily hugs Aliya and informs her everything how Ranbir broke up with Prachi. Tanu says impressive, congratulations and you’re like me, we have to get our love in any way so I’m proud of you. Aliya looks at them. Saritha ji says Pragya and Prachi are not happy , let’s call Pandit and arrange Pooja. Pragya reaches to home and asks why they are talking in darkness? Where is Prachi. Saritha says she is in room. Pragya asks why they looks worried. Saritha says nothing and goes to get tea. Pragya calls Prachi. Prachi sets her face and goes out happily.

Pragya asks what happened? Prachi hugs her. Pragya says I know about Ranbir engagement, don’t worry, I will talk with him. Prachi says don’t need. Pragya says we have to question him. Shahana says how can we question him when he didn’t do any mistake, it’s Prachi who brokeup with Ranbir, tell to aunty Prachi. Prachi thinks how to manage, than she tells Pragya that Ranbir is getting over possessive and status difference too so I thought it’s better to end our relationship. Pragya says seems like you misunderstood his intentions because Ranbir is good guy.

Prachi says I didn’t feel he is good for me, previously too you accepted him mom not me, I never told anyone that i love him, it’s just compromise that’s why I broke up with him. Pragya says glad this misunderstanding is cleared, previously too your Dad asked if you have ever told me that you love Ranbir because Rhea told him that she loves him. Prachi says wow, Dad knows it. Pragya says tomorrow is Ranbir engagement. Prachi says I know and wish best for Rhea and Ranbir and she goes to sleep. Shahana goes behind Prachi and says you hided everything in great way. Prachi says I can do anything for Mom, even I can give my life.

Ranbir cleans his wound and he reminsces his moments with Prachi and hears Prachi voice in his room. Shahana says you’re doing it for Pragya aunty and Abhi sir’s reunion but It didn’t happened right than why you’re doing it for Rhea. Ranbir says you gonna regret this decision Prachi. Prachi cries while reminscing her moments with Ranbir. Pragya goes to Prachi room. Prachi adjusts herself and sleeps in Pragya lap. Pragya thinks maybe Ranbir is written in Rhea fate.

Next day Gayathri goes to Abhi place. Mitali asks what’s the matter that you’re coming to work 30minutes early. Pragya says she loves work. Mitali says don’t forget this house runs with Aliya orders and Aliya asked you to manage Abhi and keeps him in room only and don’t allow him to come out. Pragya thinks how Abhi wishes to attend party and than she nods ok. Pragya goes upstairs and listens Aliya and Tanu discussion. Aliya says Tanu, it’s Rhea and Ranbir’s engagement and you have to make her your daughter and if you can get closer to Rhea than only you can get closer to Bhai otherwise he will throw you out from house once he gets fine so you have to love Rhea because she is trump card for you to make Bhai forgives you.