Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming Story: Abhi is eager to meet Prachi mom

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Episode starts with Shahana teases Prachi. Aryan assures Ranbir that Prachi also feels same like him. Prachi says it’s friendship not love so leave from my kitchenn. Shahana teases her saying you already occupied Ranbir house kitchen like bahu. Ranbir says what if it won’t turned like you said. Aryan says it’s a bet, Prachi will confess her love you than only I will wear your favourite gloves. Ranbir says he loves to lose this bet.

Vikram says how Prachi saved everyone when they don’t have any hope left. Abhi tells Vikram that his Pragya is like Prachi’s mother. Aliya thinks first Prachi son everyone’s heart and now her mother is getting everyone’s love but I hate her, hope she can’t be like Pragya.

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Prachi serves tea to everyone. Sarita gets big order of Tepla for Five star hotel and she leaves to prepare it. Beeji asks Prachi to handover tea to Ranbir. Beeji asks Pallavi to show childhood pics of Ranbir to Pragya so she can know how much he loves chief. Pallavi shows album to Pragya and she sees some childhood boics of Rhea and gets emotional.

Prachi gives tea to Ranbir. Aryan about to take biscuits but Shahana hides them. Prachi supports Aryan and makes him have the biscuits. Aryan says you’re perfect bahu to this house but Ranbir warns him see what he is saying than he changes topic. Ranbir thinks Prachi can handle any problem, she can be perfect wife. Aryan says your thinking is moving in correct way bro. Ranbir and Prachi shares cute eyelocks. Ranbir shows his trophies for football competition to Prachi. She says she likes music. Ranbir asks do you want say me something. Prachi looks confused. Aryan sings do Dil mil Raji hai. Shahana smiles and continues the song. Prachi asks why they are smiling. Aryan says Shahaba said some joke. Prachi and Shahana leaves.

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Pragya cries. Pallavi asks what happened. Pragya says seeing Rhea she remembered her elder daughter. Beeji asks about her other daughter. Pragya says she is not staying with her. Abhi and Vikram reaches to home and knocks the door. Pallavi and Beeji asks Pragya to open the door.

Lawyer bails Dushyant and asks him to not do anything until elections are over. Dushyant days I won’t leave them and leaves to home after getting call from his brother. Once he reaches to home Chaubay apologies to his bti fir Maya mistake. Dushyant asks Maya why you didn’t think about us before helping them. Maya says she just did it for Ranbir and apologies to him. Mrs Chaubay asks Dushyant to decide what to do about Ranbir alliance. Dushyant says Ranbir is Maya life so she will get married to Ranbir and he asks Maya to smile and he asks her to meet him with Aliya and Pragya. Pragya opens the door and gets stunned.

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