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Episode starts with Mrs Chaubay shows blood to Dushyant and asks everyone to tell them about Maya. Dushyant questions everyone to tell than notices Maya body. Dushyant and Mrs Chaubay gets shocked and Dushyant asks Ranbir to come otherwise he will his family. Ranbir come downstairs. Aryan holds Dushyant and he says I can’t see Maya in tears but here you killed our Maya, I won’t leave you and he reveals to everyone that his plan to trap Prachi for Maya murder and how they think to send Maya to her Nani place until Prachi gets hanged and he reveals they will use Maya death to gain sympathy in people to get votes for his brother.

Pragya says Police can’t punish Ranbir twice because Maya is already dead according to them and you can’t prove it. Dushyant says he can prove it and reveals how he arranged the fake dead body. Than Mrs Chaubay and Dushyant gets shocked seeing Maya alive. Dushyant asks are you fine. Maya says yes, now are you thinking how to get votes because I’m alive. Pragya and Family reveals how they fooled him to confess his crime.

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Dushyant asks why you combined with these people Maya. Dushyant confesses his crimes and says they won’t do anything but police arrived and arrest him. Dushyant asks how can you do this. Maya says she can do anything for Ranbir love. Mrs Chaubay slaps Maya for ruining her relation with her Bade papa for Ranbir. Dushyant says to Police that he is innocent. Police says they recorded his confession and takes him with them.

Vikram goes to jail and informs to Aliya and Abhi that Maya is alive than Abhi gets freed from jail. Abhi asks Vikram to tell everything than Vikram explains to Abhi on the way that how Prachi mom saved them from this situation. Meera informs matter to Dimpi. Abhi calls to Meera and tells her to stop Prachi mom until he reaches to home so he can thank her.

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Pragya about to leave than Ranbir and Pallavi asks Pragya to wait for sometime to meet their cheif. Meera also asks Pragya to wait. Pragya says she will come another time but everyone asks her to stop. Pragya reminisces her moments with Abhi and stays at Vikram place.

Ranbir gives his favourite gloves to Aryan as gift. Aryan asks can I know the reason behind this sudden love and tell me why you took blame of Maya murder to save Orachi? This sacrifice is form of true love. Ranbir reminsces his moments with Prachi and asks Aryan that Prachi also feels for him like he do for her. Aryan says yes. Otherwise Shahana also explains same thing to Prachi.

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