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The episode starts with Guddan requesting Charulata not to let Ganga and Avinash go. Durga says it’s wrong since whatever happened was not their mistake but Ganga’s only. Charulata’s praises Guddan’s heart goodness and asks Ganga, who is shedding crocodile’s tears, if she can understand this and think before doing anything wrong with Guddan.

Ganga apologizes for what she did and cries. She says that she got such a big pain for her mistakes and now she can get forgiven only if she stays in the house for whole her life and serve Guddan and her child like her own. She thanks Guddan for convincing everyone to let her and her husband stay and asks for forgiveness. Guddan forgives her and gives her one last chance. She adds that if any mistake happens then she won’t defend her.

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Durga doesn’t approve Guddan’s decision but Guddan says that going out is risky, moreover she hopes to change Ganga’s bitterness in goodness. Avinash praises Guddan and shows a lot of gratitude to her.

Guddan asks if she did the right thing to Charulata who replies that she cannot do anything wrong and now, after her decision, the house will be filled with happiness and baby’s voice soon. Akshat supports Guddan’s decision too.

At night, Guddan sings lullaby for a baby when Akshat comes and mocks her saying that the baby probably didn’t like her face. The two start arguing again also because, according to Akshat, Guddan had made the milk too hot while Guddan thinks it’s fine. When they turn around to look at the baby, he isn’t there. Guddan shouts.

It is just Guddan’s dream. She wakes up shouting. Akshat comes there and sits near her calming her down and assuring her that she is safe with him. Guddan asks him to promise her that he will never leave her, no matter what. Akshat promises her that she, him and their baby will live forever together. He has brought milk with turmeric for Guddan since it’s good for the baby. Guddan puts the milk aside so it gets less hot and asks Akshat if he cares only about the baby and not her. Akshat says that he cares for her the most and until the baby won’t come in their arms he will stay around her like a shadow. He says that he can give also his life for them but Guddan immediately covers his mouth saying that their enemies shall day. Akshat asks if she is talking about Ganga. They laugh and hug. Akshat thanks her for the happiness she has brought in the family and in his life. He kisses her forehead and says that he loves her.

Three months later, Akshat is seen taking care of Akshat. After four months, Guddan has the baby bump and gets up from the bed. Akshat comes and says that he will come with her. Guddan says that she is just going to the washroom. Days later, a doctor is seen doing Guddan’s check-up. Akshat is there to take care of her. Six months later, Akshat stops Guddan from doing work. Saraswati, Durga and Lakshmi pulls Guddan’s leg wearing a fake babu bump.

On eighth month, baby shower for Guddan is organized. Guddan and Akshat sit together. Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati do their aarti and makes Guddan wear a red chunari. Durga and Lakshmi dance on “Sola Singar Karke”. Everybody joins them and dance together happily. Suddenly Guddan sits down feeling pain. She asks everybody to be silent. Everybody gathers around her. Guddan says that it seems like the baby is about to come out. Akshat says that he shall call the doctor but eventually faints for the excitement.

Durga calls the hospital but no nurses or ambulance are available and going out isn’t safe. Durga says that the delivery has to be done at home only. Akshat gets conscious immediately.

Later, a doctor and nurse come there. Guddan is being taken to room in wheelchair. Akshat is on wheelchair too. He comes to her and says that she shouldn’t be scared since he is there for her. Guddan replies that he is more nervous than her and swears to give him yoga classes after the delivery. Doctor asks Akshat not to worry. They start talking about how stubborn and crazy the baby will be, just like the parents.

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Guddan is taken in room for the delivery. Everybody waits outside. Akshat is very nervous and wants to go inside. He stands up from the wheelchair and looks at the room nervously. Charulata says that they will get a baby girl just like Guddan. Akshat says that he will be world’s best father. He is worried hearing Guddan hissing and screaming in pain. Charulata tries calming him down and asks him not to be impatient.

Later, Charulata asks Durga to get the aarti thaal ready so that they can do Krishna’s pooja as soon as they hear baby crying. Ganga stops Durga and asks if she can do the aarti. Akshat allows her so Ganga leaves.

Doctor comes out and Akshat asks him if everything is fine. Doctor replies that his wife is safe but they couldn’t save their baby girl who is dead. Everybody is shocked.(Episode ends)

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