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Episode starts with Trilok notices microphone in Suhana toy. Malhar asks Pawar to check why signal gets interrupted. Kalyani says Suhana lost her toy in lodge and the toy was given by Malhar. Trilok gets mad and shouts am I looking criminal to your husband and I can be back out from being the donor. Kalyani asks him to forgive them and request him to become Oillu donor. Trilok says he can’t forgive this mistake and goes to call commissioner.

Aaosaheb asks Anupriya to think about past so she can regain it. Anupriya thinks about hospital incident where Kalyani begs her to save her baby for Pillu and she suddenly gains her memory and asks Aaosaheb about Kalyani. Aaosaheb feels happy knowing Anupriya gains her memory.

Commissioner warns Malhar for placing the tracking device in Trilok house and he asks Malhar to meet him at his office.

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Trilok notices Suhana is seeing her dark room drawing, he assures her everything is ok than he apologies to Kalyani for his behaviour and informs her that he won’t like if someone plays mind games that to using her daughter. Kalyani asks Trilok to forgive Malhar and than she attends Swara call and gets shocked knowing Pillu body again changed to bluem Kalyani cries thinking what if something happens to my Pillu, I need to see him immediately. Trilok takes her to Moksh.

At hospital Trilok asks what happened. Kalyani says Moksh fine but he must get operated with in 2weeks. Trilok says he is ready for operation. Kalyani thanks him and asks him to stay away from cigarette Nd Alcohol until the operation is done. Trilok agrees. Kalyani feels happy and thanks him holding his hands. Malhar comes at that time and asks Kalyani about Moksh. Trilok leaves. Kalyani informs Malhar about operation and mocks Malhar for doubting the Trilok who is helping them.

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Trilok drinks heavily and thinks it’s just the beginning Malhar and smiles like maniac. Kalyani asks Moksh to stay safe and goes to Suhana house and tries to make Suhana sleep. But Suhana gets sad seeing her mom pic. Kalyani gets her mom pic. Suhana signs her that her mom used to read stories for her than she shows door to Kalyani. Kalyani thinks what’s behind door.

Anupriya blames god for breaking her trust. Aaosaheb asks her to relax and informs her that she informed Sarthak that she got memory and she asks Anupriya to come inside. Anupriya says I will search Kalyani and have to meet her. Aaosaheb tries to stop her but she runs out.

Suhana takes Kalyani to that room and draws mom image and sleep on it like hugging. Kalyani feels emotional and promises her to give love like her mom a d she asks her to hug whenever she needed. Suhana hugs her. Trilok notices them and thinks save your tears Kalyani it will be useful to you once you separated from Malhar.

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