Kundali Bhagya 13th September 2021 Written Update: Karan arranges blood for Sonakshi


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The episode begins with Sonakshi pleads Luthra’s to give Pihu to her because Pihu is her everything now and tells them that she can’t live without Pihu. Preeta tells her that she will die too without Pihu because Pihu is her life. Sonakshi tells her that the latter has Karan and her family’s support and also the latter can conceive later and pleads her to give Pihu. Preeta says to her that her family too can’t live without Pihu so she won’t give Pihu to her. Sonakshi tells her that she gave birth to her. Preeta tells her that Pihu gave rebirth to her. Kareena asks Sonakshi that why the latter pleading now when just few minutes back only the latter threatened to call the Police.

Sonakshi tells her that she just talked like a mother and no one can understand a mother’s pain better than Preeta. She says to her that she is alone. Pihu comes there and runs towards Preeta. Preeta picks her and asks her that what happened. Pihu tells her that she wanted a hug. Preeta hugs her tightly. Sonakshi tells them that Pihu loves Preeta so much and asks them to let her hug Pihu once. Karan tells her that the latter can’t do that.

Kareena throws Sonakshi out of the house. Girish gives Sonakshi’s purse and phone to her. Preeta tries to stop Sonakshi. Karan asks her that why she is stopping Sonakshi. She tells him that Sonakshi just want to hug Pihu once. He tells her that they can’t allow that. She calls Sonakshi and the latter turns around. But one car hits Sonakshi and she loses her consciousness.

On the other hand, Rakhi asks Sarla to explain Preeta that she need not to think about Sonakshi. She tells her that Pihu is Preeta’s daughter. Dadi tells them that Pihu should not know about all this issues because it will affect her mental health. Mahesh tells them that they adopted Pihu recently so they should not let Pihu suffer. Sarla agrees with them. Kritika comes there and informs them about Sonakshi’s accident. She tells them that Karan and Preeta took Sonakshi to the hospital. Rakhi asks her to take care of Pihu and she leaves for hospital with others.

Meanwhile Doctor treats Sonakshi and tells Preeta that Sonakshi is in critical condition. Rakhi and others reaches the hospital. Srishti informs them about Sonakshi’s condition. In the Luthra mansion, Pihu asks Kritika that where others went. Kritika tells her that they went out for some work. Pihu tells her that the latter is really sweet and she becomes her friend. Dadi asks Mahesh to inform Yash about Sonakshi’s accident. Nurse informs them that Sonakshi lost lot of blood and they don’t have blood in their blood bank. Karan goes to arrange blood.

Sherlyn calls Prithvi and informs him about Sonakshi’s condition. He tells her that nothing should happen with Sonakshi then only in the future Sonakshi can create problems in Preeta and Karan’s life. He says to her that he thinks that Sonakshi loves Karan and Karan has no idea about it. She asks him that what will happen to Luthra’s if Sonakshi died then. He tells her that Yash won’t leave Luthra’s. He decides to inform Rishabh about the matter. Meanwhile Karan arranges blood with his friends help.

Episode ends.

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