Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2023 Written Update: Srishti cut off all ties with Sameer


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Episode begins with Rakhi blames Preeta for Karan’s condition and everything. She tells her to leave from there. Preeta asks Nurse about Shaurya. She takes Shaurya from the swing. She apologizes to him for leaving him alone. She says that she will bring Rudraksh, after giving him to Srishti. Kareena takes Shaurya from her.

Srishti asks Luthras that how can they blame Preeta. Sameer tells her that his family did nothing wrong, because Preeta is wrong. She asks him to stop defending his family. She reminds them that what all Preeta did for them. She tells Rishabh that she thought he will support Preeta atleast. She tells Mahesh that Preeta was daughter for him and Preeta took care of him when he was in the wheelchair. But when Preeta needed his support, he did not support her. She asks Rakhi that how could the latter blame Preeta.

Dadi tells Srishti that if the latter can’t see Preeta’s mistake. She says that Karan is in coma due to Preeta. And they can’t lose Karan once again. Kritika tells Srishti that Rakhi told Preeta to not go to hospital still Preeta went. Rakhi asks them to stop it. She says that two mothers are sad now. And she is sad for Karan and Preeta is sad for Rudraksh and Shaurya. She regrets for blaming Preeta. She says that she won’t let Preeta leave anywhere and she will stop Preeta and goes from there.

Preeta tells Kareena that she is going to search Rudraksh. Kareena refuses to believe her. She says that she is not fool to believe Preeta and she won’t give Shaurya to her. And Shaurya will stay in Luthra house. She asks her to go and find Rudraksh.

Sameer tells Srishti that Rakhi is emotional now but he know Preeta did mistake. Srishti asks him to stop it. And she got to know he don’t have his own stand. She says that whenever Aroras needed Luthras support they back off. She cut off all ties with him. Rishabh asks her that if she become mad. He tells her that they love her and Preeta. And she can’t go anywhere. She says that Luthras are against Preeta so she is against them and leaves from there. Rishabh and Mahesh tries to stop Srishti. Rakhi asks Kareena about Preeta.

Preeta thinks that maybe Anjali is responsible for the accident. She get in the car to find Rudraksh. She reaches the accident spot and searches Rudraksh. She finds Anjali with Rudraksh. She asks her to return Rudraksh to her. Anjali says that Preeta snatched Arjun from her so she snatched Karan from her. She says that she is taking Rudraksh with her. Preeta snatches Rudraksh from Anjali and runs from there. Anjali hits Preeta and she falls into the cliff with car. Srishti comes there and she saves Rudraksh and Preeta.

20 years later

Kareena asks Kritika to bring Shaurya for puja. Rakhi says that she will bring Shaurya. Shaurya reaches Luthra house in drunk state.

Episode ends.

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