Meet 16th March 2023 Written Update: Sarkar gears up to divorce Yashoda


Meet 16th March 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Yashoda loses her balance. Manmeet and Meet hold her. Sarkar calls himself Yashoda’s God and claims that Yashoda has gone against her God. He says that Jalebi will do what Yashodha failed to do. Manmeet asks him what was Yashoda’s fault. Sarkar says that Yashoda has broken his trust. He informs Manmeet that Yashoda gave the factory documents with his sign to Meet. He shows him the pieces of the documents. Manmeet shows those to Yashoda and asks her how could she do this.

Meet defends Yashoda saying that she did this for Manmeet’s happiness and she is not wrong. Sarkar says that Yashoda has cheated them. He says that if anyone has any problem with his decision he or she can leave the house right now. He says that he will surely marry Jalebi. He tries to go inside with Jalebi. Manmeet holds Jalebi’s hand and stops them. Manmeet says that his mother Yashoda is the Malkin of Sarkar Mahal. He says that Jalebi can’t take Yashoda’s place.

He gears up to kick Jalebi out of Sarkar Mahal. Sarkar asks him to go ahead and kick Jalebi as he can bring infinite Molki for himself. He refuses to accept Yashoda anymore. He announces that he will marry Jalebi after five days. Yashoda falls on his feet. Manmeet handles her. Imarti brings Jalebi inside the house. Meet questions Sarkar for giving such a big punishment to Yashoda. She calls Yashoda the head of the family and that Sarkar family will be broken if Yashoda loses her position. Sarkar says that he won’t change the rules for anyone.

Meet says that Yashoda has given her thirty years to him, his family and criticizes Sarkar for abondoning her in the blink of an eye. Mahendra, Meghna take stand for Yashoda. Manmeet requests Sarkar to not do this to his mother. Meet says it’s a crime to marry for the second time when the first wife is alive. Sarkar says that he doesn’t follow law but he himself makes the rules of Sarkar pur. Yashoda cries and asks Sarkar to forgive her. She gives him a stick and asks him to beat her. Manmeet asks Yashoda to not say all these as she can’t see her sufferings.

Yashoda again falls on Sarkar’s feet and says that she will die without Sarkar. Manmeet begs for his mercy. Sarkar says that Yashoda has made the mistake so she has to pay the price. He says that men have to take such decisions to teach a lesson to their wives. Meet hears their conversation. He says that he will abondon Yashoda no matter what. He asks everyone to come outside. Jalebi enjoys the luxury of Sarkar Mahal.

Imarti assures her saying since Sarkar is with her, she should not fear anyone. Imarti feels confident and thinks that now whole Sangwan family will fall on her feet. Sarkar brings Divorce papers and asks Yashoda to put her finger prints on it. Meet takes the paper from Sarkar and tells Yashoda what’s written on it. Manmeet tells Yashoda that Sarkar is angry now and asks her to not put her finger prints. Others also try to stop her. Yashoda says that she can’t hear a single word against Sarkar and he can never be wrong. The episode ends.

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