Kundali Bhagya 18th February 2022 Written Update: Preeta hides her true intentions from Karan


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Episode begins with Preeta tells Karan that he is her husband and she don’t expect much from him but he should support her at least when he knows that she is right. He tells her that she never treat him as her husband and she has no idea that how much he had supported her. He says that she hurted his family on Mahesh’s birthday. She tells him that she has explanations for her actions. He tells her that she just cares about money and for that only she returned. Kritika takes Karan from there. He gets shocked seeing Rakhi’s condition.

Preeta asks Sameer to bring salt water. Natasha asks her that why the latter seems tensed when Rakhi is in this condition because of the latter only. Preeta tells her that it’s not the right time for it. Kareena gives water to Rakhi. Natasha tells Preeta that she is stating the truth only. Preeta asks her to stop provoking. Karan scolds Preeta for reacting now also and says that Rakhi is not well because of the latter’s this attitude only. Prithvi and Sherlyn agrees with Karan. Natasha and Kritika taunts Preeta.

Preeta tries to examine Rakhi but the latter stops her saying that she is feeling better. Karan asks her to stop acting like she cares about them when in real she just want to rule them. Dadi says that now they won’t tolerate anymore. Kareena tells Karan that they should leave the Luthra mansion with Mahesh. Preeta thinks that she has to stop them otherwise she can’t reach her goal. She reminds them that she is the owner of Luthra mansion and if they want to leave then they can leave but they can’t return. She says that they can’t take Mahesh with them because she is his caregiver lawfully and goes inside.

Natasha tells Karan that today Preeta crossed all the limits by insulting everyone. She says that Karan should do something so Preeta doesn’t insult others again. She tells him that he has the power of being Preeta’s husband so he should control Preeta.

Karan goes to his room and yells at Preeta. He says that she used to claim that she cares about Mahesh but everything is lie. She asks him that what’s his problem. He tells her that he can’t believe that he loves her. She says that, that’s his problem and she won’t change her path for him. She tells him that she will bring Mahesh out of the basement. He tells her that he will do what he wants to do from now on. He says that she is arguing with him instead of feeling guilty. She says that Mahesh transferred all of his properties on her name so she wants good for him.

Beeji asks Srishti about the latter’s tension. Srishti changes the topic. And she receives Preeta’s call and informs her about Beeji’s return. Preeta tells Beeji that she missed her so much. Then she asks about Sarla. Beeji tells her that Sarla is in the village only still. Preeta asks them to meet her and disconnects the call. Beeji asks Srishti that why Preeta sounds tensed. Srishti informs her about Mahesh’s condition. Preeta decides to do something.

Episode ends.

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