Kundali Bhagya 29th April 2021 Written Update: Prithvi attempts to escape from Srishti and Sameer


Kundali Bhagya 29th April 2021 Written Update on SerialGossip

Episode begins with Sameer and Srishti reaches the factory and waits for Mahira and the Blackmailer. Sameer parks the car back side and asks her that how they will get to know about Blackmailer’s arrival. She says to him that they need to catch the Blackmailer to know that why he is blackmailing Mahira. Factory guard comes there and they sees him. Then Prithvi comes there. Srishti says to Sameer that Blackmailer’s face is not visible and tells him to move aside. Prithvi goes inside the factory so they also goes inside.

Then Blackmailer comes there wearing mask. Factory guard sees the Blackmailer and follows him. Srishti and Sameer hears Factory guard’s voice and hides there. Prithvi and Blackmailer too hides there. Factory guard warns the Blackmailer to not steal anything assuming him as thief. Prithvi assumes that Factory guard would have seen the Blackmailer’s face. Factory guard threatens saying that he has gun so he won’t hesitate to shoot and tells him to come out.

Prithvi thinks using this chance he can see Blackmailer’s face and he is sure that Blackmailer is Akshay’s murderer. Srishti says to Sameer that Akshay’s murderer is there so they need to catch him no matter and they moves other side to his face. Factory guard calls Police and complaints about thief and informs the location too. Blackmailer pushes Factory guard and runs outside. Prithvi goes out. Srishti and Sameer too goes out.

On the other hand, Mahira gives money to Shubham and slaps him saying that this is for blackmailing her and warns him to not blackmail her again. She says to him that Police will meet him if he again tries to blackmail her then. He asks her that why Police will arrest him. She says to him that she is not afraid of anyone and asks him to delete her number from his mobile. He deletes her number and apologize to her. She leaves from there.

Factory guard chases the Blackmailer but loses him. Prithvi, Srishti and Sameer hides again seeing the Factory guard. Srishti sees Prithvi’s back and assumes him as Blackmailer and informs about it to Sameer. They moves towards Prithvi slowly. Prithvi sees the Blackmailer and moves towards him but Blackmailer leaves from there. Factory guard asks the thief to come out saying that Police may come anytime. He shocks seeing Srishti and Sameer. Srishti says to him that he and she searching the same person.

Prithvi shocks seeing Srishti and Sameer there and wonders what are they doing there. Blackmailer escapes from the factory. Srishti and Sameer follows Prithvi. And Prithvi hides again. Blackmailer message Prithvi saying that today’s plan cancelled. One road side vada pav vendor sees everything. Srishti and Sameer talks about Mahira and her Blackmailer. Prithvi overhears their conversation.

Srishti plans to throw hot oil on Blackmailer’s face. Sameer says to her that they should throw hot water. Prithvi gets worried hearing them and wonders how he is going to escape from there. Sameer gives stick to Srishti and goes to bring hot water. Srishti sees Prithvi’s shadow and informs about it to Sameer. They moves towards Prithvi with hot water.

Episode ends.

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