Kundali Bhagya 4th February 2023 Written Update: Anjali learns about Prithvi being a robber


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Episode begins with Prithvi brings Kritika to the hall. He gets mic and asks Luthras to gather in the hall. He announces that Kritika is in his custody. Luthras comes there and pleads Prithvi to leave Kritika. Prithvi asks his gang to get jewels from everyone. Rishabh drags Kritika with him. He tells Prithvi that the latter will get what he wants. Prithvi takes Rishabh as hostage. Dadi pleads robbers to take the jewels and leave without troubling them. Sambhu bhai loses his gun. He orders his men to find it. Srishti hides the gun. Luthras removes the jewels and gives it to robbers. Preeta thinks that she recorded everything and uploaded in social media so it will reach police too. Sameer is about to take the gun but Prithvi notices that and he takes the gun. Prithvi warns them to not try to act smart.

Anjali finds Girdhar in the kitchen. Girdhar tells her that he called the police. He says that he think one of the robber is Prithvi. She leaves from there.

Prithvi and Sambhu bhai argues with each other due to differences. Sambhu bhai tells Prithvi that the latter is not in the position to order him. Prithvi asks him to stay in his limits. Srishti tells Prithvi that she is on his side. He address her Srishti and he thanks her. Sameer asks him that how he know Srishti’s name. Rakhi asks him to not get jealous. Dadi says that Srishti hired these robbers that’s why they know Srishti’s name.

Anjali comes there and asks Prithvi about his name. Kritika asks her that why robbers will reveal their identity. Prithvi reveals that his name is Prithvi Malhothra which shocks Luthras. Meanwhile, Beeji reaches Luthra house and finds security guards in unconscious state.

Kritika says that she is not stupid to believe Prithvi. Rakhi tells guests to give the jewels to robbers because they will compensate them. She says that she want marriage to happen on time. Dadi asks her that why she is naive. Rakhi tells robbers that they are rich. She tricks Sambhu bhai and snatches the gun from him. Luthras locks robbers in the room.

Sambhu bhai scolds Prithvi for not warning about Rakhi. Prithvi tells him that he also did not expected Rakhi to react like this. Sambhu bhai asks him that what they should do now. Prithvi tells him that if Sherlyn was there then she would have saved them. Sambhu bhai tells him that someone will be there who save them.

Rakhi tells Luthras that she is not just sweet. She says that she is smart and fast too. Sameer says that they should see robbers face. She tells him that marriage is priority for her. She asks Priest to begin. Srishti takes Preeta to room. Rakhi tells Arjun to sit in the marriage mandap. Rishabh tells them that Police is on the way. Srishti tells Preeta that she suspect that Arjun is Karan.

Episode ends.

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