Kundali Bhagya: Mehendi in Karan’s name, which is going to happen in Preeta’s hands, is the union of the two going to happen again?

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Kundali Bhagya 7 Jan 2020 Preview Episode: Karan and Preeta’s quarrel in Kundali Bhagya is prolonged. In such a situation, the fans are longing to see these two together. Karan and Mahira’s Mehndi celebrations are currently being shown in the show. But the mehendi of Karan’s name has fallen into Preeta’s hands, not Mahira’s. In such a situation, Shagun agreed to fall in the hands of Karan’s wife. But Mahira was turned off.

Now today, it will be shown on the show that Mahira angrily will get Mehndi out of Preeta’s hand. Mahira would tell Preeta that she said, “I have liberated mehndi from your hands.” Then Preeta will say ‘Mehndi is liberating but how will you get rid of color?’ Mahira keeps looking – the color of mehndi blossoms in Preeta’s hand.

On the other hand, it will be shown that while Mahira is getting ready, Preeta’s sister will come there and tighten Mahira and say – ‘The brides who make mehndi in their hands love them very much.’ Srishti now holds Mahira’s hands and sees if she does not create a mehndi on Mahira’s hands. In such a situation she narrates to Mahira – ‘Are you not ready to do this?’

Let me tell you, many more twists will be seen in the upcoming episodes. Mahira is about to take a big step to take away Preeta from Karan, but her move will reverse and she will once again fall into her own trap. At the same time, the show will show that Karan and Preeta will reach the escape hall.

Goons will also enter the house. Preeta and Karan will be seen to face this trouble firmly. Meanwhile, Preeta will also save the lives of the family members and after this, Preeta may become the lover of everyone again. Mahira can be proved wrong in the coming episodes. It may also be that the engagement of Kan and Mahira breaks down.

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