Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira Learns Vedika’s Fraud


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2020 Upcoming Story on

The Episode Begins with Naira Assessing about Umesh on friendsbook. She recalls his words. Kairav states that the party was much fun. Suwarna asks them to have some meals. Vedika says Naira had come, there’ll be some evidence of it. Kairav says we must go to soccer club, we must call Naira too, ask her to be prepared.

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Kartik says , I will call her. Vedika says I’ll also come, you remember what I told you, I can not leave you alone where Naira is about. Naira gets Dadi’s call. She says Umesh left, we have cheated. Dadi says listen to me, Pallavi has come home, Vedika and Pallavi are speaking. Naira asks is it possible to find out. Dadi says I will try.

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Pallavi says Umesh said he must leave and clear some dues, I will speak to him if he comes for followup. Vedika says I’m scared, Naira arrived at the celebration now.

Pallavi says make sure that Naira isn’t with Kartik, I’m going to the hospital today, I will do your job. Naira says quit Pallavi for a while, I wish to go to the hospital and discover their secret. Dadi says I do great acting. Naira says you do overacting occasionally. Dadi sees Pallavi going. Naira understands the tea and recalls Kartik. She says I’m in hurry, maybe next time. She goes. Dadi calls Naira.

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Pallavi calls Umesh and asks him to come to the hospital. Dadi prays for Naira. Kairav asks Kartik to telephone Naira. Kartik says I forgot. Vedika says we’ll go right, our time will get saved. Kartik asks Kairav to telephone Naira out of his mobile phone. Kairav asks why is Vedika coming with us. He says mommy’s phone is not connecting.

Vedika says telephone Naksh. Kairav calls Naksh and asks for mumma. Naksh says Naira is not at home, she went outside. Kairav says tell her that we’re going to meet soccer Sir. Kartik says do not worry, she’ll come, she does not forget anything. They state Naira is the best. Vedika feels sad.

Naira comes to the hospital and sees Umesh coming to Pallavi’s cottage. She says that my phone is off, else I’d have listed this, I can not come out, else Pallavi and Vedika will be alert. She hides and says sister Sunita will identify me. Umesh asks for Pallavi. Nurse asks him to wait . Pallavi comes. Kairav says we’d much fun that day, when will we go for a picture, will we go now.

Kartik says we will see, we could have icecream now. Kairav says no, I’ll have it when mumma is with us. Vedika believes when will Naira eliminate us. She requests Kairav to sit silent. Kartik inquires Kairav does he need balloons, go and get it. Kairav says no. Kartik says give this money to him, it is going to help him.

Kairav goes. Kartik scolds Vedika. He says that this deal is between us, do not hurt my son, nothing is imp to me than Naira and Kairav, do not tell anything about them, I’m with you, but my heart is with them. Kairav understands the balloons. Naira hides and hears Umesh arguing with Pallavi. Umesh says I was in need of cash and sold my kidney.

Pallavi says you should not go to Vedika, I was not in town, why would I lie. He says you always lie, you whined your friend gave kidney into that woman. She scolds him. Naira gets mad and recalls Kartik’s words.

Pallavi says I’ll do the checkup. Umesh says no, I’ll get tests done in a major hospital, I do not think you, its about my life. Pallavi goes. Dadi states did Naira reach hospital and receive any proof, I will call Kartik, no… if Vedika doubts, then she is going to be alert, I will wait.

Naira recalls Vedika’s words. She gets mad seeing some posters with Vedika’s name. She says now your match is over Vedika. Kartik imagines Naira cheering and requesting him to grin. He smiles. Vedika looks at him. Kairav asks when will mumma come, Sir will go in a while. Kartik says she will come. Vedika believes where did Naira go, she can do anything, she arrived home now. Kartik says Naira’s phone is off, Naksh stated she did not come home. He believes if Naira is fine.

Naira comes. She thinks I’ll free you from this guilt shortly Kartik, your guilt will become anger after understanding Vedika’s truth. She says sorry Kairav, I got late, we’ll meet your Sir, we’ll just come. Vedika says sure.

Kairav holds their hands and takes them. Sir praises Kairav’s abilities. Kartik says Naira taught him the match abilities. Naira says his dad will handle everything. Vedika says why did Naira look at me that way, did she understand everything. Vedika asks Kartik to come, they’re getting late. Kairav asks will I say bye to my friends. Kartik asks him to say bye to cheerleaders also. They laugh and hug. Naira smiles.

Kairav asks for group hug. Naira hugs them. Vedika looks on. Kairav goes. Vedika states Naira, you must manage training independently, because Kartik and I’m going out for honeymoon. Naira gets shocked and sees Kartik.