Kundali Bhagya Preview 14th Jan 2020 : Karan said I leave Preeta home, are the two coming closer

Kundali Bhagya Preview 14th Jan 2020 Upcoming Story on Serialgossip.in

In the episode of Kundali Bhagya today i.e. January 14, you will see that Preeta is going to the store room to take medicines to cure grandmother’s injury, only then Karan also helps her find the box of medicine. Reaches to do. He asks Preeta why she came again after hearing all the khuti khoti.

Preeta answers Karan’s question and says that fate is with this house. Here, Rakhi prevents Preeta from going home alone because it is too late. Karan gets a chance and asks Preeta to leave the house. Is Karan and Preeta once again getting closer like this. Stay with us to know

Earlier, you saw in the January 13 episode that as soon as Karan starts leaving the house to bring Preeta, then Preeta comes and collides with Karan. Preeta collides and falls into Karan’s arms. Then Mahira falls on this romantic scene and feels bad.

The show Kundali Bhagya has once again come to an interesting twist. Preeta’s enemies are becoming stronger in the show. Preeta is falling apart though she is forming her own team. Now Mahira and Kareena Bua have also come together with Sherlyn. Sherlyn is now playing tricks to get Preeta away from Karan.

While these three do not have any special bonding among themselves. The three continue to degrade each other, but when it comes to removing Preeta from the line, all three appear together. In the last episode you saw that Sherlyn tells Mahira that Daadi and Rakhi will favor Preeta.

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