Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2020 : Kartik Vents Out His Rage

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The Episode Begins with Vedika going to a Telephone. Naira and Kartik see each other. O jhoke…plays with… They espouse. Naira says I wish to tell you a bit of reality. Kartik asks exactly what. Naira states Vedika has cheated us all, she did not give me that the kidney, my liver has been ruined, Umesh has given the kidney to me. Everybody is shocked. Naira states Umesh did so for cash, Vedika and Pallavi did so surgery play, that is why Pallavi did Vedika’s evaluations, she did not let nursing employees contact Vedika, Vedika needed a bargain with Kartik he won’t ever leave her when she saves my entire life, therefore that he sent me off, Kartik does not love her, however, he’s helpless. Kairav and Vansh yell Vedika is extremely bad.

Naira says Vedika chose Kartik into Dargah intentionally to postpone the divorce, so our union does not mean anything, we considered her friend, she does not feel accountable, she does not recognize her error, she wished to carry you on honeymoon. Kartik yells on Vedika. Vedika cries. Kartik says I won’t be with her today, Vedika will go everywhere, but maybe not come in my own way, get out. Kartik Requires Naira. He states no one can separate me and Kairav. Vedika cuts her knees. Everybody runs .

Vedika says I told you Naira, ” I will not allow you to get Kartik, I’ve attempted before also, I’ll perish, but what about you, I’d delivered my suicide note to Pallavi, I’ve written which you are the reason behind my own suicide, which Kartik has an affair with his ex wife, sorry to do this, Naira you can not see my joy, you can never combine, I’m going. Naira yells Vedika…. Her fantasy ends. Vedika asks are you dreaming about Kartik. Naira says I have everything. Vedika says you misplaced and don’t need to lose, I’ll not get scared, Kartik is my husband, you’re indebted for me, I obtained Kartik here for Kairav, I will stop him too, do not pressurize me to turn into poor. The drapes fall over Naira. Kartik remembers the Dargah injury and yells Naira. He conducts her. Everyone asks are you currently fine. Kartik Requires Naira. Vedika seems on.

Kartik asks are you currently nice, will we visit the physician. Naira says unwind, why do you worry so much, it had been a fabric, are you really fine. He says . Kartik states if everything is fine, we will fly kites. Vansh says challenges will probably be fun. Naira says , its ability to challenge individuals. Vedika retains Kartik’s hands and smiles. She says its great we remained back, its pleasure with everybody, we’ll visit the airport .

Naira goes. Samarth says when we split this til papad evenly, then wish becomes fulfilled. Gayu laughs. He divides it into bits. He says that my mood spoiled. She states let me attempt. She breaks it evenly. She says that I wish your desire becomes fulfilled, I understand your desire. He states I want to give all to you personally and Vansh. Naira calls for Naksh and inquires did you find anything, Vedika is speaking about quitting. Naksh says I could not find anything, why would police assist us around Umesh.

Dadi inquires what exactly will we do today. Manish sees the papad and laughs. He states that I just remembered what occurred. Suwarna says Kartik was stating Papad rather papa. He asks what will I do to create his Sankranti unique. She asks him to keep praying. Kartik says we shall initiate the contest today. Udi udi jaye…plays…. Kartik sees Naira and Vedika. Samarth, Gayu dancing. Kartik takes care of Naira and kisses her.

Naira imagines this. She believes Vedika can do something wrong. Kartik gets a telephone. He gets stunned. Kairav gets fearful and hugs Naira. Kartik throws his telephone and goes.

Gayu says perhaps he’s concerned for office function. Vedika says don’t understand what calls he’s becoming since morning. Samarth says perhaps there’s some difficulty in factory.

Vedika says I’ll speak to him. Kartik strikes the things. Suwarna says its certainly something large. Samarth says everything is nice in office and factory. Dadi believes is it due to Vedika. Someone stops Kartik.

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