Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th January 2020 : Roshni Challenges Parveen

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Upcoming Story, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14th January 2020 upcoming Story on

The Episode begins with Roshni saying kids maybe bad or good, but mom is not poor, why… Parveen claims why does not have a response, Aman wed you, do not understand why, you do not get away. Roshni inquires why are you attempting to create me off. Parveen says I’m doing my obligation of a Saas, why are you really amazed.

Roshni says do not do so with Aman. Parveen says that you don’t have to come between this, Aman will always pick me, he’s a son ahead of being a husband, my reality won’t ever come out. Roshni yells Khan baba…. Parveen asks her to close up, else she’ll regret. Aman and everybody come.

Roshni says I understand you love your mom a whole lot, it will not be easy to hear that. He asks her to state. Roshni says that your mum is attempting to make me angry. Aman inquires what exactly are you saying. Parveen starts play and cries. Roshni says you’re an expert liar. She says I’m saying fact, she stated she wishes to make me from the home, she’s magic in her hands, I’ve seen it , actually. Roshni says I talked to Rubina, I’ll prove I’m not lying. She inquires Parveen to demonstrate her hands. Aman says calm down. He asks him to know, Parveen is lying and playing matches.

Aman says I understand you’re upset, do not blame my mom. Parveen says I had been against youpersonally, but that I love you today as a girl. Roshni gets off. Aman asks her to take rest. Dadi asks Parveen to not feel awful, Roshni is ailing. Parveen understands the golden powder in her hand. Roshni sees her grinning. Aman turns. Parveen hides the powder.

Roshni says I’m sorry, I’ll apologize to Parveen, I’m not nicely and obtained hyper. Aman says you’re so great. Roshni belongs to Parveen. They assert. Parveen says you ought to haven’t included Aman in this.

Roshni asks her to do anything, do not underestimate the ability of a bahu, what’s fair in love. Parveen states and in warfare too. Roshni does shayari about love. Parveen says that your love to shed facing hatred. Roshni states that the love enemies will constantly get defeated. She belongs. Parveen believes I shall use your love to kill Aman, because of provide me this particular weapon.

Roshni comes to space and smiles regarding the decorations and lights. Aman arrives to him. She asks why did you lighting a lot of candles, why are you raising eyebrows, oh, it signifies its suhaagraat tonight. She jumps thankfully. He looks at him. She asks why would you feel awkward, so the term is employed in movies too. He states do not use this phrase. She says we’ll continue to keep some code phrase. She sees clothing options and asks what is all this. He states for you.

She says I believe you did not know the idea of suhaagraat. He states no need to state this. They get prepared. He states you’re looking adorable. She says thanks, but did we prepare like we’re going to Switzerland. He lifts her and chooses her. He moves the magical and leaves the home become freezing location for her. She likes to find the Switzerland locales at the home. She says its good, you’re extremely wonderful. They like. They drop and roll down. Ye haseen wadiyan…. .plays… They love.

Parveen goes into a tree and says that I need some seeds that are poisonous. She chants and states after I turn into the queen, I’ll spare you Zehrili. She receives the seeds in her hand. Prveen places the seeds at the pool. A giant tree stems from it. It goes from the home by breaking the roofing. Parveen smiles. Aman and Roshni possess a moment. They get intimate and grin.