Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story: Rakhi slaps Sherlyn

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Episode begins with Rakhi slaps Sherlyn and says she knows Sherlyn did everything deliberately to stop Preeta’s marriage. Sherlyn thinks now stopping the marriage is most important and says she really thought the necklace was stoled. Rakhi asks her to not lie anymore because she knows the truth. She says in front of everyone she lied for Sherlyn because she got the necklace from Sherlyn’s locker.

Sherlyn apologize to Rakhi. Rakhi asks Sherlyn to apologize to Preeta. She says Sherlyn tried to trap Preeta in false case but Preeta saved Sherlyn and for that she respects Preeta lot now. Rakhi says she knows, to took revenge from Preeta, Sherlyn tried to stop the marriage and goes from there. Sherlyn says now Rakhi have to face the consequences for insulting her but before that stopping the marriage is more important.

Sristy thanks Sammy for bringing Rakhi to save Preeta. She says Preeta doesn’t wants to marry Prithvi. Sammy asks when Preeta said that? Sristy says Preeta never told but she knows what Preeta feels. Sammy asks Sristy to not stop the marriage till she gets any plan. Prithvi hears their talks.Rakhi says now she won’t leave till Preeta’s marriage gets completed.

Karan thinks why Rakhi getting emotional for Preeta. Sherlyn says she misunderstood everything and apologize to them. Sarla says she won’t believe Sherlyn and asks her to leave from there. She says just for Rakhi, Preeta saved Sherlyn from Police. Rakhi asks Sherlyn to go from there. Sherlyn says she did mistake because of her misunderstanding and asks everyone to believe her and asks them to let her stay till Preeta’s marriage gets completed.

Janki pushes Sherlyn outside saying they don’t trust Sherlyn because she will create more problems. Sarla says she will call Police if Sherlyn didn’t leave from there. Janki tells Sristy that how Sherlyn apologized to everyone and says Prithvi’s mother too hates Sherlyn like them.

Priest starts the marriage rituals. Karan thinks this marriage is most important one for him. Sammy thinks he can’t see Sristy’s sad face but he can’t tell the truth too because hiding the truth only good for Preeta and Karan. Sarla asks why Rakhi crying? Rakhi says it’s her happy tears. Janki says she is also so happy. Sarla asks how suddenly Janki is so happy when she didn’t liked Prithvi.

Janki says she was wrong about groom but now she is okay because groom and groom’s mother loves Preeta so much. Sristy thinks why Janki is so happy like Preeta getting married to Karan instead of Prithvi. Prithvi gets conscious and unties himself. He realizes that no one wants him to marry Preeta except Sarla that’s why they replaced him with Karan. He says Preeta is just his and only he will marry Preeta not Karan. Kareena says she is so happy after spending time with Sanjana.

Sanjana thinks Sherlyn stopped the marriage or not. Sherlyn comes to luthra house, seeing her Sanjana thinks what happened there that Sherlyn looks upset. Rishab says he can’t able to handle Karan and says after Mahesh’s accident Karan always looks angry. He says he doesn’t likes to see him disturbed always. He says Karan is angry on Preeta because he thinks Sherlyn’s marriage happened with Rishab because of Preeta. He asks Mahesh to talk with him. He notices the movement in Mahesh’s fingers.

Prithvi calls one guy and asks him to do his work. Prithvi says he went against Sherlyn for Preeta. Sanjana says she knows how much Sherlyn loves Prithvi. Sherlyn cries saying she did many things for Prithvi but still he didn’t understood her love. She says she even married Rishab for Prithvi. Sanjana says now everything finished. Sherlyn says nothing finished she still loves Prithvi. Rishab calls Doctor and informs about Mahesh’s movements.

Rishab says he is sure that Karan went to Preeta’s marriage and asks Mahesh to wake up. Sristy thinks why everyone seems happy with this marriage suddenly. Sristy asks why Sammy seems so happy. Sammy says he just showing everyone that he is happy with this marriage nothing else. Prithvi comes outside with different get-up and collides with Sammy.

Episode ends.

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