Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story: Rana accuses Preeta for Rishab’s kidnap


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Episode begins with Prithvi escapes from Preeta after making her fell down. Sristy comes there to help her and asks how it happened. Preeta says Kidnapper did that to her. Prithvi decides to hide in store room, he says his foot paining so he can’t run more. Sristy curses the Kidnapper for hurting Preeta. Preeta says he throwed the vash at him and it land on his foot, he was injured for sure so he can’t go far, they can catch him. Prithvi struggles in pain and says today he will win, he can’t afford to lose the property now. He says he started the game so he will finish it. He decides to execute his plan B and says even Preeta can’t win against him today. Preeta finds one ring. Sristy says it seems familiar. Preeta remembers that it’s the same ring that she had put on Prithvi’s finger during their engagement. She tells that to Sristy. Sristy says then Karan is right about the Kidnapper, Mask man is Prithvi only. She says Prithvi didn’t return the ring, which means Prithvi is in this hotel only.

Preeta says Mask man is really Prithvi then she won’t leave him for doing this wrongdoings. The Mask man gets caught by Preeta and Sristy. Preeta tries wake Rishab. Rakhi cries seeing the unconscious Rishab. Sristy struggles to hold the Mask man alone. Sherlyn gets worried for Prithvi. Sristy asks Sherlyn to help to hold the Mask man. Karan reaches there with others. Sherlyn asks the Mask man to escape pushing her. Karan sees the Mask man angrily. The Mask man tries to run away from there but Sameer and Sristy catches him. Preeta shows the ring to Mask man and asks did he remember anything. Karan asks who is he. Preeta says today she will show his true face to everyone. She says today everyone will get to know that how he was playing with their feelings and how he  betrayed all. She says today he did wrong with Rishab.

Mahira thinks Sherlyn and boyfriend’s plan flopped, and with Sherlyn she is also going to end up in problem. Kareena asks Sameer to call Police and inform that they caught the Kidnapper. Preeta says she promised Karan that she will show Mask man’s real face to him and by doing that now she will prove that she is not involved in Rishab’s kidnapping. Sherlyn thinks Prithvi going to expose and she is also finished. Preeta removes the mask and everyone shocks seeing Rana. Karan asks who is he and why he kidnapped Rishab. Rishab says he wanted their property that’s why kidnapped him. Sherlyn gets relived seeing Rana.

Rana asks Preeta to return his ring. Preeta asks him to not lie. She stops thinking maybe he is right about the ring. Sherlyn thinks if Rana is here then where is Prithvi. Sameer searches the Police inspector. Prithvi recalls how he replaced himself with Rana. He says he can’t afford to let Preeta suspect him, he loves her and want to marry her. Rana first denies to wear mask later agrees when Prithvi told him that he will give double amount. Rana asks him to give triple amount. Prithvi even promise him to get him out from police station and asks him to tell something to everyone. He thanks Sherlyn in mind for alerting him. He says now he is free because of his master mind.

Rishab hits Rana and asks who sent him. Karan slaps Rana and asks him to tell the truth. Rana says he will tell the truth to everyone. Mahira asks Sherlyn, is he the one who is working for her boyfriend. Sherlyn asks her to stay silent.  Rana says he doesn’t know them he did for money. Sherlyn gets worried thinking Rana going to tell the truth of Prithvi. Rishab asks who gave him money.Rana says Preeta gave him money to kidnap Rishab. Everyone shocks hearing that.

Episode ends.