Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 18th September 2023 Written Update: Ambika adopts Kesar as daughter-in-law

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 18th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the story taking place in 2003 Surat. A baby is shown to be crying in a goods train. The human traffickers are shown to be chasing the train in a car.

Shakuntala comes to Rajgaur’s house. The other woman says about Rajgaur’s family to Shakuntala. Shakuntala steals gold spoons in the house.

The woman introduces Rajgaur’s house members to the other Shakuntala. The woman shows Ambica and says to the Shakuntala that she is this house’s eldest daughter-in-law. The woman says Ambica’s husband Dheran left this world a long time ago and says Ambica is handling the house and the business after that.

The other woman also introduces Rajgaur’s other family members. Parin and his wife Zinal. Dinesh and his wife Hetal.

Shakuntala sees Hetal is holding documents papers. The other woman says to Shakuntala that their whole family loves each other. Shakuntala says it’s not what it looks like and says today something is going to happen in Rajgaur’s house.

Ambica prays to Goddess to make sure that their family is not separated as Hetal has intention of separating from the family. If Hetal does that then Dheran’s wish will be destroyed.

Ambica is shown to be doing Pooja to Goddess. A sacred Chunri falls on the baby in the train.

Shakuntala waits for the bomb to blast in Rajgaur’s house and says to the other woman about it. The other woman says it’s wrong to always think about other people’s ruin. Shakuntala says she is like that. The other woman says to Shakuntala that she is also making her son Kabir like that.

Kabir tells his friends that everyone of them has to atleast steal 1 kg of coal. Kabir tells his friends he will steal 2 kg coal as he is the captain.

Kabir while moving forward hears the baby crying. Kabir turns around. A heavy weight falls right infront of Kabir. Kabir thinks the baby’s cry saved his life. Kabir sees the baby and calls his friends.

Hetal tries to take Ambica to a side and talk to her. But Ambica doesn’t leave the crowd. Ambica invites Hetal to come to take photos. Hetal says she doesn’t want to take pictures.

Hetal asks Ambica to sign on the papers. Ba asks Hetal what are these papers? Hetal says these are division of property papers.

Kabir and his friends think of what to do with the baby. Kabir decides to save the baby. The coal labourers come to train to take coal.

Kabir and his friends distract them and take the baby away from there. The human traffickers search for the baby. The human traffickers talk about the baby having a Trishul sign on her hand.

Kabir without anyone’s notice brings the baby to the police station and leaves from there. Kabir says his friends that now the baby will be safe as she is in the police station.

Hetal argues with Ambica and as she is trying to talk to Ambica about division of property from the last 3 months. Ambica tries to talk to Dinesh but Hetal interrupts Ambica and comments on her.

Ba asks Ambica why didn’t she tell her when Hetal was asking about division of property. Ba comments on Hetal saying a daughter in law can only be a daughter in law. Hetal also counters Ba saying she can never understand her like her mother.

Ambica stops Hetal and tries to talk to her but Hetal doesn’t listen to Ambica and says she will go to court if Ambica doesn’t sign on the papers. Jinal tries to talk to Hetal but Hetal comments on Parin suffering under Ambica.

Ambica feels heart broken with Heral’s words and leaves from there.

The manager tells Ambika that he doesn’t know how to take care of this infant. He says the baby is also not moving due to the continuous crying. Ambika takes the baby in her hands and taps on the baby’s back. Baby starts crying. Ambika takes milk from the tea seller and feeds the baby. The baby holds Ambika’s finger. Ambika hugs the baby and recalls the issue raised by Hetal.

Hetal creates a scene saying they can’t live like slaves under Ambika. She asks Baa how much time she needs to wait for Ambika. Ambika comes there with the baby. She asks Hetal to not talk to Baa in a high tone. Shakuntala asks Ambika who is the baby in her hands. Hetal also asks about the baby. Ambika asks Hetal to show the partition papers. Family members ask Ambika to rethink her decision. Ambika signs on partition papers. Hetal feels happy. She says they will come every Sunday to meet their family. Ambika tells Hetal about how the family is important in tough times not money. She says I don’t want you to see you sad that’s why I gave your share of property but rethink your decision.

Ambika asks Parin if he is not comfortable to work under her. He asks Ambika to not say it that way and says he is happy to work with her. Ambika tells her family members that she is ready to give shares to other family members too if they want. Other family members refuse to take the share. Ambika says after this day our family will not face this problem again. She says she has a solution for it. Baa asks what’s the solution. Ambika says fate left this baby girl in an orphanage and I will adopt this girl as my daughter-in-law. She says the girl will be called Rajgaur’s family daughter-in-law. Everyone gets shocked.

Ambika sees the Goddess Durga idol. She names the girl Kesar and announces that she will get Kesar married to Suraj and I will raise this girl with values. Shakuntala comments on Ambika’s decision. Ambika vows to change the thinking of society. Ambika says she and Kesar are going to bring a new meaning to the relationship of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Episode ends.

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