Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 18th September 2023 Written Update: Kavya instigates Malhar against Pratiksha. 

Pyar Ke Saath Vachan Dharam Patnii 18th September 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manvi asking Gulshan to bring back Kavya right now or else she won’t see his face anymore. Gulshan asks Manvi what happened and why she was arrested. Manvi informs him about Kavya’s deeds, how she intoxicated the food and the CCTV footage. Gulshan asks Manvi to reach the police station while he would think of some solution of how to tamper the cctv footage. Manvi comes to the Randhawa house and asks the Randhawas if they are heartless. She points at Pratiksha and says that they supported this girl who has no status but let Kavya be arrested. She says that today she realised how lonely Kavya is in this house. She says that she is sad today and they must fear her sadness since she might end up cursing them. 

Dolly asks Manvi to not cry and have some water . Manvi asks Dolly to understand her pain. Manvi accuses the Randhawa’s for Kavya’s deeds. She says that they are only responsible for what Kavya did. She questions Mandip how she let Kavya get arrested when she has been coming to this house since childhood . She asks everyone why they left Kavya’s hand today when she needed it most. Kinjal tries to say to Manvi that earlier the situation was different but this time things are different. She asks Kinjal to shut up and not speak when elders are speaking. Manvi says that Kavya only wanted her right as a wife and a bahu and nothing else. She tells Beeji that finally Pratiksha did what she wanted. According to her, Kavya did the right thing. Pratiksha asks Manvi to calm down but she asks her to shut up and not mess up with her. She says that Kavya has gone into depression due to Pratiksha. 

According to her, there’s a big difference between being wrong and doing wrong. She says that whatever Kavya did was out of desperation. Manvi threatens to destroy this house if anything happens to Kavya and then leaves the house. As Malhar puts Kavya inside the lockup, Kavya starts telling Malhar and asks him to let her out. Malhar tells her if she continues to bicker like this, she would lock him up in the backside lockup which is quite dangerous. She says that if she is put at the backside, then she would be disheartened by the mosquito bites. Kavya asks if Malhar is trying to threaten her. Malhar says that no he is just informing her of the fact. 

Mandip asks her family why is everyone quiet and whatever Manvi just said is totally correct. They must have stopped Kavya from getting arrested.  She says that all of them already know that Kavya is like this since her childhood and she does anything all the time. Pratiksha says that if she had to do anything, she could have done it with her and not the guests and the entire family. Mandip asks her if she found the cctv footage, she must have discussed it with the family and not play with their image. Pratiksha says that she already knew that they would treat Kavya’s deeds as little mistakes and forgive her. 

Manvi reaches the police station and asks Malhar to let Kavya out of the lockup. He says that he can’t do this. Manvi threatens him in the name of Gulshan. Malhar makes it very clear that unless he gets the bail papers, he won’t leave Kavya. She tries to buy Malhar with money but Malhar threatens her to put her inside. She asks Malhar how much money she wants. Malhar asks his constable to arrest Manvi. Mandip swears on herself and says that if Pratiksha tries to speak to her any further she would leave this house. Beeji tells Pratiksha that she is very worried and this is just a sign of an upcoming storm. Episode ends. 

Recap : Pratiksha and Ravi get close to each other! 

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