Pushpa Impossible 18th September 2023 Written Update: Dushyant locks Rashi in a room.

Pushpa Impossible 18th September 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Deepti saying that she is not looking up for new job due to overloaded commitments. She tells about Pushpa going to GCC with a plan in her mind. Ashwin leaves with Rashi yomdrop her while Chirag encourages her. They all leave while Jugal comes with Pushpa to GCC. She suggests to sell their good outside GCC. Jugal gets angry but Pushpa suggests to attract customers who go inside. Pushpa rents a bench for the same while Jugal has no option but agree. Rashi comes to college when she spots Dushyant. She decides to talk with him no matter what. She follows him while Dushyant is aware of it. Pushpa and Jugal are showing their goods to customers. Jugal says that her idea is not bad. Pushpa gives examples of J.K. Rowling and Tata which was told by Nanavati. Jugal praises Nanavati while Pushpa leaves to get more customers. Dushyant who is aware of Rashi following him has a plan in his mind. He locks Rashi in an empty classroom.

Jagtap visits Bapodhara’s house while Susheela and Prarthana were worried how Bapodhara would react. Bapodhara keeps praising Dushyant and introduces Prarthana to Jagtap. He tries initiating their wedding talks but Jagtap leaves without giving him a chance. Rashi struggles to get out of the locked classroom while her friends wonder where Rashi is. Rashi left her phone with Meghna too. Guards lashes out at Pushpa and Jugal for selling goods outside the Cultural Center and diverting their customers. As they were fighting, Gayatri, the owner of he Cultural Center comes there. She scolds Jugal and Pushpa and takes all the goods with her to cabin. Pushpa and Jugal follow her.

Rashi’s friends search for her in all the places in school. Rashi shouts from window but none hears her. Prarthana tells Chirag about Bapodhara’s intentions while Chirag reveals that Dushyant is Rashi’s culprit. He asks her to wait until they prove him to be the culprit. On the other hand, Pushpa and Jugal please with Gayatri to return their goods when Gayatri says that she likes their goods and wants to buy it all. Pushpa says that they actually planned to sell in in her center but all her stalls were sold out. She pleads with her to give them space in the stall and Gayatri arranges for the same. However she puts a condition that they shouldn’t use theoods they sold to her. Pushpa says that they only made limited goods and suggests to only display it for customers and take their orders to make more. Gayatri agrees. Pushpa gets call from Mahendra and she puts it on speaker as her hands couldn’t hold it. Mahendra tells about unable to find a lawyer while Pushpa asks him not to lose hope.

Precap: Jagtap gets angry Pushpa as she complaints about his son to him. Rashi is hosting the show when Dushyant swears to get all his revenge at once. He makes a black paint fall on Rashi while she was hosting.

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