Lag Ja Gale 18th March 2023 Written Update: Rachna’s changed behaviour towards Ishani


Lag Ja Gale 18th March 2023 Written Update On

In today’s episode, Sulochana makes a false kundi of Ishani with the help of pandit. Shiv’s lookalike says that now Rachna will not trouble Ishani anymore. He finds out that Ishani will go to Dhooper house to play Holi. He wonders if none plays Holi with Ishani just like him as both of them are orphans. He decides to play Holi with Ishani. He wishes happy Holi to her. Rachna returns home. Ishani enquires about her photoshoot. Rachna recalls Shiv’s lookalike’s warnings and behaves nicely with Ishani.

Jagdish gets shocked. Ishani asks her to get ready for Holi festival. Rachna makes her wear earrings and takes selfie with her. Sulochana returns home. She asks Jagdish if they will visit Dhooper house empty handed. Jagdish informs her that Ishani has already packed sweets. Sulochana thinks that after seeing Ishani’s kundli Dhoopers will be in shock. Sulochana takes out Meena’s stolen necklace from almirah and decides to wear it to look classy. Dhoopers put tilak on Aniket’s photo and miss him.

Kiran recalls Aniket and cries. Shiv comforts her and cheers up everyone. Dhoopers gear up to play Holi. They go outside. They start paying Holi and put colours on each other. Shiv’s lookalike reaches there and puts colours on his entire face so that none recognise him. He beats drum. Kulkarni family arrives there. Sashi greets and puts colours on them. Meena insults Sulochana. Shiv’s lookalike approaches Ishani. He beats drums around her. Ishani looks uncomfortable. Bhupen goes to check if any special guest has arrived after hearing the drum sound.

Meena stops him and puts colours on him. Ishani spots Shiv’s family and approaches them. She greets Kiran. Kiran avoids Ishani. Ishani puts colours on Dhooper girls and dances with them. Shiv arrives there with his friends. Shiv sees Ishani. She wonders if Shiv is not playing Holi. Shiv says that finally miss Ishani Kulkarni has arrived. He says that he won’t spare Ishani today but take revenge against her. He says that Ishani will meet the real Shiv Dhooper today. Ishani informs Jagdish that she will go and meet Shiv. Jagdish asks her to go ahead. Ishani tries to approach Shiv.

Shiv’s lookalike follows her. Shiv sees him and gets doubtful. Shiv’s lookalike says it’s the first Holi of his and Ishani’s. According to him Ishani will not be able to forget this Holi ever. Shiv decides to put colours on Ishani. Both Shiv and his lookalike take colours in their hands to put on Ishani. Shiv wishes happy Holi to Ishani and goes to put colours on her. Ishani stops him and asks him to not put colours on her. Shiv says that Ishani has to follow the rules of their party. He asks her to celebrate Holi in Dhooper’s style. Ishani tries to escape. Shiv holds her hand and pulls her closer. Shiv’s lookalike gets irked and wonders who Shiv is. He wonders why Shiv is trying to put colours on Ishani forcefully. He thinks about killing Shiv in case if he touches Ishani. The episode ends.

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